New paper dollar

When are they going to put out the redesigned one dollar bill?

To my knowledge, they are not going to redesign the $1.

Zev Steinhardt

Short answer: They aren’t. The Sackie is the new one dollar piece.

The Sacajaweia Dollar Coin is the new legal tender with a value of one dollar. I think the government is going to slowly phase out (destroy) all paper dollars and step up production of dollar coins. Whether the dollar coins are accepted is another matter.

As far as I know they aren’t going too.

We have a $1 coin now that we are suppose to be using.

Besides, part of the redesigning was make it harder to counterfit. I don’t think they are too worried about people counterfitting $1.

I don’t think there are too many people trying to counterfeit $5’s either, but they redesigned those.

If they do phase out the dollar bill, there’s not going to be much choice but to accept the Sackie. Which, in my opinion, is just fine. I’m getting tired of old George anyway.

I expect that the dollar, like the penny before it, will be printed long after it’s cost effectiveness is gone. If it had had a picture of a lesser icon, say Hamilton, instead of Washington, it would have disappeared decades ago.