New PDA, looking for fun stuff to do.

I have just got a PDA today for my birthday and I am looking for stuff I can do with it :smiley:

It has all the usual stuff like diary, calculator, appointments thingy, notepad etc but I want to know if there are any must have applications, any cool games etc.

FTR, it is a Visor (I think it is just the basic model) made by Handspring, I believe.

Also, I have been looking on Handsrping’s website at stuff I can download and some of the apps mention other apps such as Firewire and tealmeal, are these things I need to have installed before the app I am looking at will work?

Does anyone know any other good sites where I can look for stuff to download? At the moment I am only looking for free stuff, but other stuff may be useful in the future.

Finally, I am assuming there is a way to remove some stuff when I no longer require it and just leave it on my PC, but I dunno how one would do this. I can’t find it in the instructions (in truth, I searched for a while and then gave up out of frustration).


Here are some links, including mine: :slight_smile:

To delete something, tap on the application (house) icon. Then tap on the menu icon below that. Select Delete, tap on what you want to delete, then tap on Delete again. More info here.