New Peanuts special plus "Charlie Brown Thankgiving" tonight

Just a quick heads-up for those interested:

Tonight at 8:00 est, ABC will be airing the special A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, which originally aired on CBS on November 20, 1973. It’s not one of the most well-known Peanuts specials, but some folks I’m sure do have memories of Snoopy and Peppermint Patty’s rather unusual Thanksgiving dinner- so much so that one intrepid soul actually attempted to recreate it for the sake of entertainment (warning: some strong language).

Afterwards is a brand-new special, He’s A Bully, Charlie Brown, which comes from the final story treatment prepared by the late Charles Schulz, adapted from a series of 1995 strips in which Charlie Brown competes in a marbles tournament.

Thanks for the reminder! Has the date of the Christmas special airing been announced?

Tuesday, November 28 at 8pm EST.