New Photo Tech Ends the Need to Focus

This is pretty cool stuff.

ENHANCE! (How Adobe Will Let You Take Perfectly Focused Images Every Time) @ gizomodo.

Here is a you youtube video that explains it.

It is called “plenoptic” and it is a combination of lens technology and computer software.

There aren’t many details, I expect they create very large files and no idea what the lens looks like. Still, it is just a first step and it is pretty amazing stuff, IMO.

Noooo! Pretty soon we won’t be able to make fun of “Enhance” in crime shows any more!

It’s a very cool idea but not as revolutionary as think the article makes it seem. As I understand how the technology is working, you lose a very large amount of resolution. So, your image signal for a given amount of light inputs isn’t that much larger, and you can still optimize that image S/N ratio by focusing your camera with a traditional lens. So, given that people like large, high resolution images with a minimal amount of image noise acquired at a fast shutter speed, I don’t think traditional lenses are going anywhere soon.

Nah, if anything a security camera using this type of lens would be even less “enhanceable.”

The remarkable thing about this technology is being able to move the depth of field in postproduction. The “enhance” take in the article is misleading.

If you want a huge depth of field with everything sharp and in focus, Helicon Focus is likely a better approach.