What was this camera?

I seem to remember first reading about it here on the boards, but damned if I can remember anything specific about it except that it claimed to be able to capture information from every photon in its field of view so that you could focus the picture after it was taken and downloaded onto a computer.

Does this half-remembered gadget sound familiar to anyone?

Plenoptic camera.

There’s an example photo here.

Most recently released by Lytro.

Anyone else irritated that light-field doesn’t mean the same light-field as in microscopy?

In a word: Yes. When I first heard about this camera I though they had done something utterly incredible. Somewhat disappointed (if unsurprised by the reality.)

That was it. Thanks, tellyworth. Aaron and Francis - for us lay people, what’s the source of irritation and disappointment?

Light field is also a type of microscopy. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bright_field_microscopy hmm it seems to be called bright field. Maybe I mixed them up.

I was thinking about the light field in con-focal microscopy. There the system is able to recover true 3D data about the subject, although you have to raster the point of focus about.

To me capturing the light field implied that they somehow captured phase information - and were maybe illuminating the scene, or doing something very very special. In a sense they are right - they do sample the light field, but it is all seemed a bit primitive when you found out what they were actually doing.