New Podcast Built in Player problem

All of my audio podcasts have switched to a “new” built in player,straight from their webpage. TWIT , Slice of Scifi, and the lesser known Word Nerds.

How does this player work?!

Everytime I want to play a podcast now, its JUST a small window with scroll bars. NOTHING else.
What am I doing wrong?

What browser are you using? The player on Word Nerds (I didn’t check the others) appears to be a Flash-based player, so you need to have Flash enabled in your browser. I normally use Firefox, but have Flash turned off by default. I can usually click on the button to enable it, but for some reason it didn’t work in my browser. I could, however, play it in IE.

IANACE (I am not a computer expert), but that’s my WAG – Flash not enabled in your browser.

I will update my flash. I’m usually all current on plug ins. But then, they up date every other day now it seems.