"New Posts" feature not working?

I’ve noticed something a bit strange that seems to date from the upgrade. I used to be able to click on the “New Posts” feature and then leave the results screen up as I paged through, right-clicking on interesting posts (choosing the “open in new window/open in new tab” option, depending on my browsers). If there were many pages of new posts, than sometimes the results page(es) would be up all day as I worked my way through it during breaks and lunch. However, In the past few days, something weird keeps happening. - not every single time, but maybe 1/2 the time. I’ll click on the “New Posts” feature, start working my way through the results pages, and then at one point, when I click to go to the next page of results, I’ll get an error message that says something like “no results matching your terms” * When I try to click the Back button to go back to the previous page of results, I get the same message. I can’t get that result set back again. The only option I have is to go back to the boards (there’s no direct link from that “error” page) and click on “new posts” again - but of course then I only get the new posts from the first time I clicked on it.

Am I the only one who’s suddenly seeing this?
*Sorry, I thought I’d kept the window open so I could quote the message exactly, but apparently I closed it. The next time it happens, I’ll paste the message here.

Yes, it’s hosed. I started a thread on it the other day. Search IDs expire too soon

Want to know how I’m browsing at the moment? I did my “New Posts” search, then quickly loaded each of the 10 pages’ worth and saved them to my hard disk. Now when I see an interesting thread, I right-click and copy the URL, open a new window, type out “http://boards.straightdope.com/sdmb/” paste, delete the “file:///Volumes/Cambrian/Desktop%20Folder/” portion of the local URL, leaving the “showthread.php?t=310368” part appended to the front of the URL.

Otherwise, as you said, there’s no way to preserve the set of New Posts found long enough to get past ~ page 4. Last night I had a searchid expire in less than 2 hours.
If it lasts more than a couple more days I’m going to have to write macros to automate the process.

It’s working fine, it just doesn’t last as long as you would like, that’s all.

As I did in the other thread, I’ll refer it to Jerry, but I don’t know what he can or will do about this.

your humble TubaDiva

You could also just open each page of “New Posts” in a new window or tab, and just keep those windows open until you’re done with them. Sounds a lot easier than what you’re proposing.

I posted a recommended workaround for this problem from the vBulletin forums here.


Whoops - sorry about that . I did look to see if there was another thread about this, but obviously I didn’t look closely enough.

Ugh. That sucks that it won’t work the way it used to. Up until a few days ago, I could definitely do a “new posts” and spend all day going through the pages. I’ll try the save-to-the-hard-drive thing, but yuck.

At any rate, thanks for the quick responses.

It does seem that in the upgrade vB giveth and taketh away as well. I’m so sorry this has affected our users negatively.

your humble TubaDiva