New Product - Crest Spin Brush

This is a great product. Inexpensive and well designed. My teeth are cleaner, and I enjoy brushing them more.
Rarely does a new product come along that is so great.

I’m right there with ya, my friend. That’s a damn fine toothbrush. I especially love the way it cleans my back teeth.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but tests show that the new spinbrushes don’t work any better than a regular toothbrush.
At least, that’s the case if you already brush for a full two minutes with a regular brush.

Cite? Try Consumer Reports.

All it is is a vibrator with a bristle attachment. The gall-derned thing doesn’t even spin–it’s a damnable, damnable lie!

Kids sure love them if my 4-year-old son and 6-year-old nephew are any indication.

I’m curious if you really brush for a full two minutes? I’ve never timed myself, but I don’t think I do.

Tortuga, I don’t think you’re correct on this. I mistakenly purchased the Colgate Motion, that look like they spin, but they don’t really. But the Crest SpinBrush tooth brushes actually do spin back and forth.

I’ll get those bastards at Colgate!

I purchased the Spin Brush, b/c of its nifty, nifty name…and, well maybe I’m unlucky and mine was the only unit in the whole wide world which did nothing but jitter.

Tortuga is correct. The spin brush does not actually spin. Rather it oscillates. The name is a misnomer but they kept it because it sounded catchier than the “Crest Oscillating Brush.”

If you don’t believe me, do this: Put a dab of bright blue toothpaste on the top bristles. Push the button. You’ll see that the bristles move back and forth a few degrees to each side but do NOT make a revolution.

Now, you may cry “foul” however, remember that a lot of people using these brushes have long hair, or they might have ribbons coming off their nighties. And the brushes don’t have a “reverse” button…I’m sure you get the picture.

FYI, P&G did not develop the SpinBrush but rather bought it from another company. It used to be called Dr. John’s Spin Brush or something like that. So P&G didn’t create the name. In any event, the product tested VERY high with kids. I know that my kids love it. And while it may not clean any better in a Consumer Reports clinical study, you have to take into consideration that now my kids love to brush their teeth. And we tend to do the things we love more often than the things we loathe.