New product out for Linux: The Man Driver.

Now, I tried to use mandrake on my crappy PC awhile ago, and found I couldn’t, due to my unwillingness to buy a different video card. No biggy. I know mandrake is well designed, judging from a friends computer. Anyway, I check out news of alternate operating systems on Slashdot, and was surprised to see the following:

:eek: Man-driva’ :eek: I can do jokes about women’s driving styles versus men’s driving styles, I can do gay jokes, truly, possibilities are limitless with new Linux Mandriva!

Now with new and improved Goatse logo!

I am still Manduck
[bows and withdraws]

And here I was, thinking this was going to be in the RTFM theme, telling people to find their own answers by typing in man driver