new puppy urinates a LOT...thoughts?

As you may know, we adopted a new puppy yesterday. She is good about going potty outside and will go whenever she is taken out. However, she continues to make Very Small Piddles tm about the house even after she has just gone out. She will happily piddle every fifteen minutes if you let her. She also will drink like a dehydrated camel if you let her.

She is underweight and eats plenty so I’ve no worries about getting her back on track, but this constant widdling seems more than the usual puppy nonsense. Thoughts?

well, you’re pinging my diabetes suspision index. Do you notice ants gathering around the outside puddles? Then get thee to a vet.

If she were my dog we’d be at the vet tonight.

IANAV but I do spend a lot of time with dogs. Polydipsia/polyuria can be symptoms of just about anything. Even if it turns out to be just nerves or something minor, a trip to the vet is usually a good idea following adoption.

Congrats on the new pup!

She’s going to the vet’s tomorrow for spaying and shots, we are going to mention it then. She’s been better about it today. I’m thinking that she may have just been dehydrated as all the urine is still colored. i’m moderating her access to water today as well.

If your dog was making urine that looked just like water, in addition to being thirsty all the time, I would be worried about kidney disease.

Talk with doctor about it and about appropriate management. And, keep an eye out to make sure it doesn’t persist or get worse and that she doesn’t develop any new problems.