New puppy!

Mrs. Convict and I got our new puppy this week!

She’s a nine week old black lab named Jedi. We’re keeping her in her own room for now for housebreaking purposes and to get the cats (we have four) used to her. Here’s some more pictures…

And for you cat lovers out there, here’s Gracie gazing through the gate at her new housemate…

Aw, she’s adorable! Who’s a good widdle puppy wuppy? Yes her is…

From your photos, this one - - is a real “oh crap, I got caught” look :slight_smile:

Really lovely dog and the baby gate between rooms is exactly how we used to get pets used to each other, works really well.

Aw, she’s a beautiful puppy! I hope the felines and the canine become fast friends. I desperately want to schnorfle those silky-looking ears. I’m twitching to cuddle that puppy. Give the kitties some scritchies, too!

That pup is adorable but holy moly that is a large pup for nine weeks old :eek:

Very cute puppy. Good luck!

::dies of cute::

Oh my gods!

The cuteness. It’s vast.

You need sunglasses – her coat just SHINES.