New Q&A site for skeptics is a new site dedicated to researching the evidence behind claims you hear or read. The site is a clever mix between a forum, a blog, reddit, and a wiki, allowing users to edit posts, close questions, vote for answers, etc. based on your reputation on the site.

This model has worked well for, a popular Q&A site for programming questions that gets about 1.7 million visitors/day. Now we have a Q&A site dedicated to fighting ignorance on all kinds of topics, and we could use your help with that.

The site is not a replacement for a message board like the SDMB, it is for objectively answerable questions only, subjective discussions are off-topic. We’re pretty strict on requiring references for significant claims you make. Answers without relevant references will be downvoted, and someone certainly will yell “Cite?”.

All the content on the site is licensed under a Creative Commons license, so if you find a nice answer you want to reuse on another site, you can do that as long as you give proper attribution.

If that sounds interesting to you, feel free to drop by and take a look.

Disclaimer: I’m a moderator on the linked site, but otherwise not affiliated with the company behind it. I asked permission to post this in an ATMB thread.

I’m gonna have to see proof that this isn’t some scam or crackpot website. :dubious:

We certainly had some moon-landing deniers and creationists, but for some reason they felt somewhat frustrated when we asked them to cite their claims ;). I can’t guarantee that there are absolutely no crackpots there, but we certainly don’t make them comfortable.

From what little I looked around, it looks good. I like that you actually have moderators and are not depending on the tech solution to handle everything, but, at the same time, you are embracing more community-level moderating.

I don’t know if I’ll hang out there much because most of the questions seem to be covering stuff I already know, but am nowhere near expert enough to actually answer. But, who knows?

Any unmoderated place about such controversial topics would quickly end up being a useless mess. And the Q&A format itself is pretty restrictive, it discourages endless discussions and put the best answer on top, not hidden somewhere between pages of useless posts.

The intent is to have the community deal with most issues, the moderators should only step in for exceptional cases. High reputation users can close questions and even delete questions and answers under certain circumstances. The community can even revert some moderator actions like closing or deleting (though a moderator can prevent that in the end).

Personally, I’m a big fan of the ability to edit anyone’s posts. That effectively prevents badly written posts from accumulating, and it makes it easy to just correct some annoying typo even if the original author is not around.

If you can think of anything interesting to ask, feel free to do that. And many answers are by non-experts that just researched the topic. We want of course to attract experts, but a skilled amateur can also answer many questions.