New Radiohead album 'The King Of Limbs' available for preorder

The King Of Limbs

Digital downloads available starting this Saturday 2/19; physical copies (including vinyl and CD) ship Monday 5/9.

No hints as to what to expect musically, but I’m on board!

This is good news. I haven’t thought about them in awhile, but it’s always good to hear new Radiohead stuff (or has been up to now anyway).

Anyone know how they plan to sell this one? Will it be a “pay what you want” like the last album, or something more traditional?

If you follow the link above you’ll see they’re selling it for a pretty normal price, what you would expect to pay for a deluxe album/digital download.

It’s something more traditional. The presentation of the physical album is quite unusual and the price is pretty high (about £30.00), but the digital downloads are relatively inexpensive (£6.00 for MP3).

I’m going to preorder for May.

I preordered the ‘newspaper album’ yesterday. I don’t have a record player of my own and I’m not sure how much time I’ll really spend with all that artwork, but I’m OK with paying Radiohead $48 and taking a flier on it.

The digital download of the album dropped a day early.

Also the first official video has been released.

Like! Downloading now…

Who didn’t see this coming? They announced the album Monday, released it early, and of course the first video has Thom Yorke doing a Bob Fosse imitation (including something that’s almost the Funky Chicken around 2:40) in front of a warehouse or something. Knew it. A couple of these songs have been performed live (Lotus Flower, here’s Good Morning Mr. Magpie and here’s Give Up the Ghost). Of course they may sound just a tiny bit different on the album, but I hope Give Up the Ghost isn’t too different.

I’m guessing Little By Little is not the old Junior Wells song.