New Radiohead album 'In Rainbows' available online 10/10

Yep, with little fanfare (that I noticed anyway), Radiohead are set to release their seventh full-length studio album, In Rainbows on October 10th. It will initially be download-only. A special ‘discbox’ will be available in early December, which will include the album on CD, a second CD with more new music, a vinyl version of the album, a hardcover book, and a slipcase.

Price of the discbox: roughly $80. Price of download-only: you decide. Yes, you decide.

Here’s details from a fansite.

And here’s the decidedly more cryptic (and dog-slow, on my computer at least) official site.

Holy shit, every hipster kid in the world has a trigger finger when it comes to Radiohead. The blogs are on fire tonight!

bumping since I don’t see another thread on this topic.

So has anyone else downloaded this yet? I’m listening to it right now.

I almost didn’t download it because, looking at the track list, I’ve already heard almost all these songs through various bootlegs available on the web, but it’s totally worth it to hear these songs cleaned up and produced in a studio. (And since you can pay whatever you want for it, you can determine exactly how much that cleanliness is worth to you. :))

“Weird Fishes/Arpeggi” now has that delicate prettiness of “Let Down” off of “OK Computer” (though it doesn’t have that neat polyrhythm thing going). “Reckoner” is no longer screechy and obnoxious (which I dislike – I don’t think I’ve listened to “Electioneering” in its entirety more than three times) but harmonious and melancholy.

Actually, the whole thing could be described as delicate, pretty, harmonious, and melancholy. It’s a gentle set of songs, so if you’re a fan of their more dramatic/cinematic stuff you might be disappointed.

(I love it, though. “Let Down,” “How to Disappear Completely,” and “Sail to the Moon” are my favorite [or among my favorite…it’s hard to choose] Radiohead songs, so this right up my alley.)

I love this album. The last 2 records they did, Kid_A and…the other one, were hard for me to get into- a little too experimental/electronic for me. This one is lush, melodic, and a completely different experience when you hear it with headphones or through stereo speakers.

I probably ought to go back to the last 2 and listen again, but right now I’m totally into this one.

I wasn’t too impressed with their last few albums but I can’t stop listening to In Rainbows. After about 15 listens, it’s probably my favorite album of this year, and I usually listen to about 5 new albums per week.

I have to admit it didn’t really grab me on the first listen, but each time I play it I hear new elements that I didn’t notice before. It also seems depressing but very uplifting at the same time. At first I thought the title “In Rainbows” was a little cheesy but now I think it’s kind of appropriate.

And, of course, they’re stealing from artists. Downloading is theft!

Can someone tell me what format and bitrate the downloadable version is?

They’re in MP3 format, 160 kbps.

I downloaded it today, so I’m only at about 1 1/2 listens, but I’m very pleased. It doesn’t sound like it has the size and the sweep of OK Computer, but in other ways - especially the warmth of the music, the strong bass and excellent drum parts - this is the album I’ve been hoping Radiohead would make for a long time.

Thank you.