New RAZAR cell phone

Its a camera phone and i can’t download the pictures. ( i don’t do the e-mail or Im thing, and there isn’t a memory card.

How do i get the pics off?

Thank you

Either buy a cord to connect it to your computer, or email them to yourself.
Pix Message
Enter your email address for the phone number
Pick a pic
It’s slow and tedious but it works.

If it’s a v3xx like mine, just buying the cord won’t do it, either. The phone needs to have a micro-SD card to be recognized by the computer.

My 1 gig card was like 30 bucks at Wal-Mart, and the mini-USB cord to connect the phone to the computer was about 10 (Radio Shack generic model, not Motorola.)

I got the wife the KRZR and that one takes the SD micro. so that can be read by a card reader.
The RAZR doesn’t have a slot for the micro, and the usb cable “like” connector isn’t a usb port.
I was wondering if any blue tooth accessory’s would pull pictures off this phone?

I believe the gimmick to these phones is to sell air time in downloading them.

Most phones will let you download the photos using Bluetooth. I don’t know of a standard way to do it on a PC, but on a Mac you can just open up the Bluetooth File Exchange utility.

I think this has always worked for Cingular phones, but Verizon used to limit the Bluetooth functionality of their phones to prevent it. I think they have stopped doing that recently, because it works fine on my Verizon LG VX8600.

Who is your provider? Most of the providers also have an online album you can send your pix to from your phone and download to your computer. I’ll get you the web address and instructions if you can tell me who you use.

My RAZR came with Motorola phone tools which should allow you to connect the phone to your PC via USB and pull the pictures off that way. If you haven’t got phonetools on CD you should be able to download it from the Motorola website.

Dobson Cellular (Cellular 1)

But i have disabled all messaging and Internet features. I have 5 phones on my contract and just don’t want the extras.
I was thinking of maybe saving some pics i really want to keep maybe on the sim card and then sticking it into my wifes phone with the micro SD and transfer again.
i know its going to be a pain but if i get that rare photo that i need to keep, I just kind of want to have a plan.

Thanks all for the help

On my iMac, it was very easy to download/upload pictures and ringtones from my wife’s Alltel Razr via Bluetooth. Since Bluetooth was built in, there wasn’t any special software needed. All I had to do was pair the phone to the computer by selecting “Set Up New Device” from the iMac’s Blutooth menu. Then, once the phone was paired, I could select “Browse Device” from the same menu, and the phone’s contents would open up like a flash drive. I could just drag and drop pictures and ringtones to and from the phone just like I was copying them to and from an external drive.

I haven’t done enough with Bluetooth on Windows to know what the Windows procedure would be, but it shouldn’t be much more complicated, right?

gpro head over to and peek around there. They can help