New recipes that have wowed you

I like to try new recipes, but it occurred to me that nothing recently has really wowed me. There are some I’d make again, but I guess they just didn’t live up to my expectations. Has anyone made or had a meal using a new recipe recently that you’ve really enjoyed? Recipes are always welcome, too!

How about combinations that aren’t recipes? I like to mix things up but I rarely write a recipe down.

Onion bhajis are delicious with Chinese mustard, even though my Indian friend cringes when I talk about it.

I’ve mentioned this carne adovada recipe by J. Kenji Lopez-Alt a couple of times. It’s truly outstanding, as is his recipe for beef stew.

Chefguy, I remember seeing a beef stew recipe you posted, but I never copied it. If and when you have the time would you repost it, thanks!


I like making casseroles. I recently made one called ‘John Wayne casserole’ it’s sort of tex/mex. It was hearty and rich. Pinterest has many recipes for it. In a hurry? Look it up.

Thank you :blush:!

I like casseroles, too, but the teenager can be a bit picky about them. She eats vegetables, but if the casserole has veggies in it, she isn’t a fan, it has to be separate. I do a chicken casserole topped with French fried onion rings that I really like but I sometimes do it without the veggies and serve them on the side. Kids. But, at least she eats veggies.

The New York Times ran a recipe several months ago for “onion soup without the soup,” or French Onion Panade. If you like toast, onions, and good cheese, it should be right up your alley. I’ve made it three or four times so far.

(You might want to wait for cooler weather)

We do tacos once every couple of weeks or so. I’d been searching for a side dish when i came upon this Hot Corn Casserole. I’m still experimenting with the ingredients to make it more shunpikery, but it’s good just the way she presents it.

I need that in my life!

That sounds really good, I love a twist on a side dish.

I make that corn casserole. We call it a dip. It’s great with tortilla chips
The onion toast sounds great. I am gonna do that.

Strange but true, this vegan pesto is fantastic. We use pine nuts.

It’s hard to go wrong with Kenji’s recipes over at Serious Eats. Along with the previous recommendations from him on this thread, I can heartily recommend his Peruvian-style grilled chicken. It’s not only great as is, but the sauce that comes with it makes a ton, and I used it for a couple other dishes. The day after making the grilled chicken, I used the leftover chicken to make enchiladas, and served them with more of the green sauce. The day after that, I made a riff on Eggs Benedict using the remaining sauce instead of hollandaise. Both were incredible.

I ordered his cookbook, which is also a scientific dissertation on food preparation. Should arrive today. :slight_smile:

Yep, I’ve got it as well. AND he’s working on a new one. I’d say he and Melissa Clark pretty much feed the Athena household.

I made musakhan, which is a Palestinian chicken dish. The chicken itself is just regular braised or roasted chicken but the it is served with onions cooked with sumac. The sumac really brought out the sweetness in the onions. It is served with pita or flat bread, so I tacoed the chicken and onions with the pita and it was really good and unlike anything I had tried before.
To make the onions you just cut them up, microwave them with butter or olive oil, then transfer to a pan add 2-3 tablespoons sumac and cook for ten minutes. You then take a pita or flat bread put onions on the bread, then chicken on top, drizzle with olive oil and cook ten minutes for crispy pita or serve if you prefer pita not crispy.

There was a thread about a year and a half ago where Johnny L.A. posted his jambalaya recipe, and I finally got around to making some a few weeks back. I thought it was great, but my wife thought it was too spicy. Fine, more for me next time!

That chicken looks delicious and thanks for the tip, I will check it out.