New Rules Apply And I'll Tell You What They Are

Ok, new rules for those who want to debate me. First, anyone who has made a false claim about me must either prove that claim, or admit they were wrong and apologize, otherwise don’t waste your time responding to me - I won’t address anything you say until you do that. That means:

Kyla - Quote me saying I hate Hawaii (as you claim I did) or admit you were wrong.

Johnny LA - Quote me saying I hate America (as you claim I did) or admit you were wrong.

Eludcidator - Quote me citing Newsbusters (as you claim I did) or admit you were wrong.

Ibn Warraq - Quote me saying Obama was born in Kenya (as you claim I did) or admit you were wrong.

Someone claimed I said Obama was not born in America but I think it was one of the above and I’m not about to go trudging through a couple thousand posts to find it, so if it was some else, you win a free pass.

Next, anyone who asks for citations and then dismisses my citations as “bullshit, right wing nonsense, etc” without REFUTING THE ISSUES OF CONTENTION POSTED IN THOSE CITATIONS will receive no reply other than “Go away fucktard”. If you want a citation, and you want to shoot it down, you damn well better be able to do it with facts, not knee-jerk liberal emotions. I will not reply to demands for citations if you have not provided citations for your claims. I will not respond to demands to refute your claims (ANDERSON FUCKING COOPER! LMAO!) until you give proper refutation of my claims.

That’s all for now. Gotta prepare some material for a convention I’m attending tomorrow and get some sleep. That should keep you morons busy all night and all day tomorrow though.

Let’s see if Kyla, Eludicator, Ib Warrad, and Johnny LA are man enough to admit they LIED about what they claim I said. And the reward still stands. $500 to anyone who can quote me saying any of the above accusations (that I “hate America”, “hate Hawaii”, etc).

Good night and good luck. I should have far fewer posts to deal with tomorrow since I know you four will not step up to the plate to back your claims.

Ah, rules for debating you.

Because, you know, standard rules of debate certainly shouldn’t apply.

Did you buy the SDMB when we weren’t looking?

You do think Obama was born in Kenya, and you did cite World Net Daily, which is the same thing as citing Newsbusters.

Maybe he did.

Actually, I’ve been away for awhile–is this an example of Junior Modding?

No one can post more than 50 times a day?

You’ve written 150 posts in 2 days. I’m pretty sure no one wants to slog through that quagmire either. At least provide a link to the alleged offending behavior; for some reason, I having trouble taking you at word.

If I may ask…

Who the fuck are you?


Diogenes bares the full unfettered stupidity of his pathetic self when he writes:

Now there’s some hardcore intellectually sound logic for you. :rolleyes:

He’s the Champion of Truth.

Can’t you read?

Rule #1: **Champion-of-Truth **can cite himself.


Was there some sort of seeded truth tournament, a truth playoff, or did he just accumulate the most points over the course of the truthfulness season?

links to the posts or you’re just a crack addled drug baby, you crack addled drug baby.

Ooh, I found Kyla’s post, no thanks to crack addled twat baby over there. Jesus, is he ever a dumbass.

Lemme see if I can explain it to you. Your rolling eyes at Boehner’s comment that if Hawaii says Obama is legit then Boehner says that he’s legit implies that you don’t feel Hawaii is capable of deciding whether or not someone was born within the borders of Hawaii. I.E. that you hate Hawaii. This is understandable to anyone who was not dropped on their head several times as a baby which is why I realize that you don’t get it.

It was a truth telling contest, at a church carnival. Two towns over, to the best of my recollection.

Hey guys, does this count as being pitted? I’ve never been pitted before. Or does it not count when the OP is trolling?

I see this as more like Champion of Poop is pitting himself. I mean, this entire thread is like a second grader putting a “Kick Me” sign on his own back.

Kyla, so sorry darls but this one doesn’t really qualify, at least at this point in the thread anyway. It might get juicier later on (the moronic OP might bring another tub-load of morons out of the woodwork, who knows??) but if there were bets running on it, I’d be saving my money.


Dang, I was not going to reply to the OP troll here, but just for you…

There was once a climate denier that decided to mention me in a list of “all these posters will be dismissed by me for not following my rules”; I thought about considering that my first pitting, but the thread, like this one, turned into a reverse pitting and because my opponent was full of fail very few came to even support him.

So I did not consider that an official pitting, I would think that they should name you alone and to… well, burn you a little, not to make you happy for seeing your opponent hoisted on his own petard.