New Rules on the SDMB

But, but … my pet orangutan really has an STD and it really sucks! Now I can’t pit said STD???

(He also likes Beiber, but I can refrain from pitting that…)

I’m sure they’d love to expedite the mailing of the latter to you, if only they could come up with a name for the service.

Excellent suggestions, and very welcome. However, I recommend raising the price of indulgences. I am feeling a bit bilious.


I would suggest using a dental dam then.

I want the Mr. Beard Beard Machine!

Well, if they want to solicit potential names, I’d be willing to express a few thoughts on the matter.

This is outrageous. As of this moment, I’m leaving the board forever!

It’s the kittens, right? I figured that would drive some from the board. :frowning:

I feel differently about this than you do.

Fine. But we’re going to have the new rules anyway. Have them even harder.

Really. I’ve got a spreadsheet going just to try to figure out how much to transfer from savings account to checking account
to afford my (future) time here, and it’s freaking me out!!

From now on, every time I post in a thread, someone must immediately remark on my presence.

“Hey, look…it’s MOIDALIZE!” Or something to that effect.

Personally I want a cut of the revenue I generate by all the things I post that make people want to buy a stockpile of indulgences.

This is the funniest you can come up with this year?

Don’t forget rule number 6: well, you all know what that is.

No, but we’d get in big trouble if we did the funniest things we thought of.:smiley:

It has a certain understated eloquence. I like it.

Is that like Rule 34?

Okay, FFers. Who’s effing with the F?

Only with the survivors.