New Scientist

I was wondering if anyone here from anywhere (except England) subscribes to the New Scientist magazines, and if someone does could you please tell me how long it takes to arrive at your home? My first edition is supposed to be that of the 9th of January and it still hasn’t arrived.

P.S. Sorry for the silly question.

As a member of Sigma Xi, I receive American Scie ntist every month. I couldn’t tell you when it comes, but I’m pretty sure I have the latest edition.

New Scientist, Cal. American Scientist is a totally different magazine. I recommend both, though.

New Scientist can be extremely irregular in the States. Every once in a while I get two issues in the same week, or even on the same day. Getting the first issue on a subscription is always a crap shoot.

It would be helpful if you were to reveal a little more of your location than you have in your OP. I used to subscribe, and my location is not England, and I still managed to get it on the first day of distribution. Where do you stay?

FWIW I did not receive the 9 Jan issue yet (in Germany). Normally I get it a day or two after the cover date.

I just subscribed Ms. Attack as a birthday present (yes, we are a very geeky couple). I’m dying with anticipation. We live in western Canada, and I’ll keep you informed if it shows up before your copy does.

My dad subscribes to New Scientist.
When I visit northern Cal, the issues always seem to be within a week or so of current.

I’m reading the Jan 9 issue now. It arrived last Monday, that is 11 Jan. For me they always arrive on the Friday before the cover date or the Monday after it. Note I’m in Australia and they are locally posted. Where are you?

If this is your first copy, perhaps there is some delay in getting your very first issue out to you. I don’t recall if that was the case for me, my first was maybe 25 years ago (and I’ve not missed an issue since).

It takes at least a week to get to us in South Africa. Sometimes quite a bit longer.

I’m 16 years old and currently living in São Paulo, Brazil. I imagine it’ll take as long as it does for ctnguy.

I’m a subscriber, live on the east coast of the US, and get it anywhere from a couple days before the cover date to a week after. It is pretty variable.

In fairness, I suspect a lot of the delay here is caused by the inefficiency of the South African postal service. So if the post office in Brazil is better organized you might expect to get it sooner.

I subscribe and I agree it can be very irregular. I definitely have the Jan 9 issue, but not the Jan 16 one.

I think the problem is that New Scientist prints only in the UK. Unlike the Economist, which has US printing facilities.

If you have a subscription you can access all the articles in the issue on the website with your subscriber ID.

You can also subscribe to get PDF editions.


It’s kinda tough before you get your first issue (took three weeks for me) because the code you need to get online is on the magazine label. After that though, you’re golden.

My first issue came in a stack of three though, so I was sated for a few days there. LOL!

Now it comes pretty regularly, with the occasional slowdown->glut.