New self defense gadget for women

Here’s a link to an interesting article and video about a new self defense gadget that’s currently being tested. It’s a jacket which delivers an 80,000 volt electric shock to anyone touching it from the outside (the inside is insulated so that the wearer doesn’t get harmed). The jacket needs to be armed and charged by the wearer and has the benefit of being non-lethal and not easily used against the wearer. One drawback mentioned in the article is that it would be difficult for officers to arrest a woman wearing the jacket.


I’d be nervous about wearing in the rain.

I would surely electrocute myself if I tried to wear one of those

So the bus lurches forward and you electrocute everyone you brush up against as you fall? Sounds like a baaaaaaaaaaad idea!

What if your attacker just punches you in the face?

Humans differ… if it’s powerful enough to stun the “average” person, it will kill SOMEBODY, and will have no noticeable effect on somebody else. For safety, the makers naturally tone them down so they won’t kill anybody.

One time, I was with some guys who were playing with one of those hand-held electric stunners… none of us even fell down when zapped. Sure, it hurts, but that just makes you angry.

Slashdot mentioned this when the Wired article was posted.

It won’t stop someone determined to assault you and it certainly won’t stun them. If the mugger pulls a weapon, kicks you or knocks you down from behind, the jacket won’t help you.

Neat gadget, but ultimately useless.

“Oh, look - Mommy’s home!” (running to mommy) “Hi, mommy!”


I’ll take one in every colour :smiley:

Equip an entire offensive line with uniforms made out of these things.

“Oh dammit, I got some powdered sugar on my jacket, I’ll just brush it-AAAHHHHHH!!!”

yes, what if the wearer arms the jacket, but her weakened-heart spouse/child/friend/aquaintance wanted to touch her shoulder instead of screaming her name?

{{ZAP}} instant heart attack.

lol the soud reminded me of the bugZapper

Now, it WOULD be handy for stopping someone from swiping your jacket off the coat rack!

What if you wanted to take it off, and forgot to turn off the charge or whatever, then went to put it back on?