New series on AMC - Humans

That was my impression, too, and that a new synth would mean losing that link to his late wife.

Third the idea that William Hurt’s character has paternal (non-sexual) feelings towards Odi. And I’m surprised that the authorities seem oblivious to that. Surely with robots that are that human-like, it’s going to happen from time to time.

Odi could also be seen to foreshadow, or be a metaphor for, Alzheimers.

George could be projecting, I guess.

Asimov was here on so many of these details, so long ago. I hope they find somewhere to go with all of these well-worn tropes and conflicts, and don’t just play out the obvious, soap-opera-y story lines.

Or the ones already hashed to death on* Battlestar Galactica* 2K.

I did find it hilarious that the group of runaway synths was carrying their critical survival gear… a generator.

It would happen ALL the time (or virtually all). Look at the way so many people think of their pets as their children: we anthropomorphize everything, and generally want to believe that the creatures or things have the same feelings toward us that we have toward them.

When stories (like this one–so far, anyway) treat such phenomena as odd or unusual, they lose plausibility.

Well, to be fair we’ve only seen two sort of normal family/synth relationships. The rogues and the hooker don’t count, I think. So we’ve seen the family love/hate relationship with Anita, and the anthropomorphic love with Odi.

We’re also seeing a bit of Blade Runner here in that the synths apparently have a relatively short lifespan.

Very true; I’m continuing to watch with interest. I could be wrong in suspecting that the showrunners are going to ignore human nature.

But my main reason for inferring that the creators are going the bad-psychology route (in positing something like ‘it’s quite unusual for people to become emotional about the life-like robots’), is the Odi story, with the officials seeming to think it decidedly odd that the William Hurt character doesn’t leap to discard Odi when given the chance.

And, rather pointedly, the creators have Hurt’s character being offered a middle-aged-woman model as replacement. There are all sorts of emotional dynamics in such a situation that seem to go completely over the officials’ heads–and we’re asked to believe that these dynamics have simply never occurred to the people living in the show’s world. (Maybe–again, I’ll go on watching to see if this is what’s happening.)

The same way a local GM dealer would be exasperated you want to keep an unreliable '98 Caprice instead of getting a '15 Volt. Synths are a commercial product, not a government program. The way they’re handling Hurt’s storyline is odd in many ways, through, so maybe the Nurse Ratched model (as the Mrs called it) is a subsidized caregiver as well as all the other things.

Yes, it would make sense that the model that Hurt’s character and his wife acquired would be a general-purpose helper, whereas the Nurse Ratched (!!) model might have specialized skills for helping an elderly person.

Even so, it does not make sense that those running the caregiver program would be amazed at the thought of a client having become emotionally attached to their old robot. Of course people would become emotional about robots that seem almost indistinguishable from humans.

In particular, when Joe brought Anita home in part to care for his and Laura’s daughter Sophie, surely the company would have considered that Sophie might become attached to the robot?

And note that we saw a third relationship when a man came home to his paralyzed wife whose caregiver was a fit male robot. At the end of the scene, the robot picked up the wife to take her to the bath (and perhaps something sexual?).

Oh yes, the angry policeman, the paralysed woman and the doting hunk. That’s got a really interesting dynamic.

I knew the teenage son was going to try and cop a feel. What a great response!

The Vera/Miliken dynamic is way over the top in terms of believability. But I still like it. Maybe too Blade Runner-ish, but that might not be a bad thing!

I have to say this, and the synth character makeup, is something they seem to have got just right. The synth characters do have a very compelling and believable artificiality to their demeanour (I reckon the outtakes will have been numerous.)

E4 - last night, strong epi.

Where is AMC?

I’m watching it and really enjoying it. The tropes are well-worn, but they’re used well. The NHS synth is a new one and definitely one of the scariest. Even though Hurt was one of the creators of the earlier synths he has no control over how they’re going now and is not entirely happy with it.

Anyone else notice the shout-outs to AI with Odie? Not just the obvious leaving him in the woods, but “is it a game?” He’s very well acted - so unutterably sweet.

Agreed. When Anita briefly showed her true self (when being tweaked by Mattie) the difference was remarkable.

I actually thought they did admit that people would get attached to their synths. Almost all the characters are, after all, and it’s one of the reasons the Mum didn’t want to get one.

One thing I don’t get is why the entire family seem to loathe their mother so very much. Apparently this character was more developed in the Swedish one - I’d love to see it.

BTW, there’s a British version of The Bridge, set in the Channel Tunnel, and that one’s well worth watching. Stars Clemence Poesy (Fleur in Harry Potter, but she can act) and Stannis Baratheon from Game of Thrones.

We got ep 2 last night on AMC.

Are we supposed to sympathize with the mom? Cause even though she’s right that something’s up with Anita, doesn’t the mom comes across as kind of a bitch? Oh, and nice going dealing with your daughter’s criminal mischief by rewarding her for it, hoping to ingratiate yourself. Speaking of that daughter, it’s awfully convenient that she’s a genius hacker.

I thought that one guy that was with the renegade mechs was human, but then we saw him charging in this ep. So he’s a more advanced model?

Overall, I enjoyed the episode. Anita seems to be ‘good’ but she is kinda creepy sometimes–almost on the edge of the Uncanny Valley. I do enjoy her messing with the mom a bit. “I’m watching you… because you’re standing right in front of me” bitch.

well, she’s a mum and the home is her domain. Sympathy doesn’t come into it, she’s trying to understand because she has to protect her children.

I thinkmits just meant to be a tense, busy family where notionally, the introduction of a robotic servant should free up enough of their time that they can function, but instead, because ghey are imperfect humans, it just means their rough edges grind together more.

I’m finding the character development similar in some ways to Les Revenants. Not all things we learn about the characters are going to resolve at all and many things are in there try to frustrate our wishes for how the plot should develop.

And, not to hijack too much, but fuckyaverymuch, AMC. As I suspected, only the first episode was all-access, and now I not only have to sign up with to view more… but I have to have a note from my “cable provider,” which does not exist.

Which they did not tell me until after I’d “signed up,” giving them my email, name, and a bunch of other information.

First against the wall, cable execs. First against the wall.


That really is nasty. They essentially stole from you–stole your marketable personal-info, which you gave them ONLY because you assumed you’d get something in return that was worth giving up the info (namely, access to more than one episode).

AMC deserves to be called out for so deceptive a practice. (Even if it is a thread hijack.)