New series on AMC - Humans

Maybe we’re supposed to infer that the people running the program spend so much time around synths that they, in turn, have become desensitized to the emotions of their human clients.

It’s nearly universal, these days. Even to online retailers who will collect all of your information before, say, giving you a total with shipping.

But collecting consumer data and tracking information is the very purpose of the web, these days.

Anyway, end hijack. I may or may not pay for the rest of the season now, so my participation is probably done here anyway.

This show had a lot of potential. I watched the first three episodes.

The first two were kind of good. But after that, the show took a kind of nosedive into the dirt.

There were some really good things about it. The acting coach that worked with all these novice actors and trained them how to appear to be “synths” must have been really excellent.

Do you see the way they all move and walk and talk?

That is more than just talent. That took a whole lot of really excellent training.

I must admit to getting a chuckle every time they show a close up of the lead actress, “Anita”.

She has this small imperfection on her face. On her upper lip. It’s very tiny and they could have hidden it very easily.

But from the “realism” POV, shouldn’t they have made more of the other “synths” have a similar imperfection? Or shouldn’t they have covered it up?

I would have been very easy to explain they gave most of them some kind of imperfection, like dimples or pimples or moles or scars or any other one out of a hundred different things.

The could have easily explained they did that to make them look more realistic. But showing one of them to have an imperfection but all the rest not to, just seems awfully strange.

This show could have moved in almost any direction. It could have gone on for many seasons with some kind of synth revolt or uprising or most any other thing. But as it stands, they just keep introducing many small mysteries. Like that name that Anita is never supposed to mention again. And there are several others. But they just keep introducing these things without ever folllowing up.

The dentist’s synth walks into the woods never to be seen again.

The lawyer has a client with the equivalent of a seeing eye dog that gets ejected from a restaurant. But there is no follow up.

They have to use one of these things as a plot line for an episode. It doesn’t make sense to just keep introducing these things without ever following up on any of them.

Gosh. I never even realized that.

But, no worries. Save your money. The first episode was real good. But then the show took a big old dive into the dirt. No need to waste any more money here.

But don’t you think it took an awful lot of training - and some very excellent training at that - to make them all look and act in the same kind of robotic way?

I’m really impressed that someone could train them all to stand up and sit down and looks exactly the same when they do that.

I think that took a lot of quality coaching to achieve that.

I’ve seen only the first two episodes, but so far the acting is quite good.

I agree. Very skilled performances. The calm, level-toned, innocent deadpan demeanour is not nearly as easy as it might seem to be. It’s a bit like Les Dawson on the piano. You have to be good to play it skilfully wrong.

Well it was clear from her introduction that Vera is eldercare model owed by the NHS, given how nonchalant the social worker was about Dr Millican “recycling” him it’s safe to assume Odi is a privately owned model the Millicans bought. BTW I liked his reaction when she forced him back into his own home; presumably her clinical programing allows her to act “in his best interest” regardless of his actual wishes.

I get the impression that she’s a workaholic who wasn’t much interested the running of her domain until Anita came along and threatened to replace her (at least in her mind). If they got rid of a Anita she’s turn over a new leaf for awhile then fall right back into her old routine.

In the first episode, someone mentioned something about “Asimov blocks”, which is clearly a reference to his three laws of robotics. And in this episode, there was a character called Silas Capek. That seems a reference to Karel Čapek. He was a Czech writer, one of whose plays introduced the word “robot”.

This could get tricky with the UK being 2 epi’s ahead … do we need one of those ‘at X pace’ rules?

I didn’t make it thru the first episode. It seemed more of the same old thing as far as these stories go; the only plotline that wasn’t a total cliche was Hurt’s character relying on his robot for the memories he was losing

Episode four was brilliant, but I’m not going to say any more till it’s been broadcast in the US.

I find that it’s the way they deal with the cliches that’s interesting. The acting and direction are excellent.

Charlie, they do bring those details up again in the episodes you haven’t watched yet. I’m not sure why you’d complain about them not bringing things up again when you’re only two episodes in - they haven’t had time by then! (Millican is not a dentist, btw, not sure where you got that. He was a scientist who worked on the synth project. That’s mentioned in the first episode).



Heh, good thread for a bot.


Yep, adding complexity - though I don’t watch too many of these shows so I’m not as aware of tropes and cliches.

With now two episodes on my DVR I was on the fence between just deleting the series or giving it a shot. Based on this thread I’ll give it four episodes.

How will we handle the super annoying two-episode delay between England and the US? Sucks to make the early-watchers wait for two weeks to discuss what they saw two episodes ago. That doesn’t seem right.

How about put the episode number as the title of your post, so us late-watchers can easily see which posts to read/skip?

EDIT: I edited in a proof-of-concept post title.

Repeated synth laughter

Straight out of an Asimov story, about the helper robot who was too handsome for his own good.

Seems to me that every single one of these synths appear to be almost exactly the same age (around 25-30), the males are the same height & weight, same goes for the females. Many other attributes are identical. All of them - except one. That is the synth towards which (whom?) we are apparently supposed to develop negative feelings. She is markedly older and more stern and definitely less likeable. She also does not seem to be nearly as intelligent as the others - at least, not in most ways.

It’s a kind of odd plot development - except, it’s not a plot development. I don’t know what to call it. But, I’d guess she will not be around long enough for any of that to matter. It’s just rather odd that all the synths - except that one - have the same physical appearances. Very strange. My guess is that they have something in mind. But I have no idea what that might be.

Isn’t the black guy synth who is on the run a lot taller?