Being Human Series 2 [open spoilers after airing]

Brit TV, starts tonight.

YouTube emo trailer here.

Mitchell’s Prequel.

Anyone else going to be watching?

I’ll get it off the iPlayer when I get home later. I really liked the first series despite initial misgivings about a Buffybomination. I just ended up really liking the characters, and I’m looking forward to see how they get on.

I’ll be watching.

So, whaddid ya think, whaddid ya think?

I think…

…that it seems very complicated and angsty, being one of the undead.

…that the new vamp (male half) chewed the scenery too much.

…that Nina showed unbelievable patience towards George, I’d have slapped him.

…that I really resent the fact I fancy Mitchell, because I’m so obviously supposed to fancy Mitchell.

…that it’s never a good sign when someone starts the Old Testament.

I saw it, not a bad first episode of series 2, but a bit melodramatic and the characters didn’t always seem to be very logical.

That said, I’m looking forward to seeing what happens, the Old Man is vary scary.

George could do with a kick in the balls.

Any word as to when BBCA will begin showing it?

That was fun. Mostly set-up, but with only 8 eps, let’s not dilly-dally too long.

Mitchell is definitely the coolest of the bunch. George and Annie are overacting, but then they always have.

I liked when Annie said “and hopefully he’s deaf” when the whole group was in the kitchen yammering on about everything while the poor guy from the bar was abandoned in the living room. How often do people on TV have private conversations in the kitchen when in real life, the whole thing would be audible to the rest of the house?

Nina can die. I wouldn’t mind. George is enough of a drama queen, I’m not sure if I can handle two of them. I’m a werewolf! Boo hoo! I’m a werewolf too! And you made me! Boo hoo! Oh God, shut. Up. :slight_smile:

Just caught up with it - loved it, thought it was just enough emotion and angst to be touching and credible without being overwrought/emo.

I’m interested to see what’s going to happen with these new people, who are they and what do they want? Annie in clueless barmaid mode is fucking hi-larious.

And actually I fancy George more than Mitchell, possibly because I get to see him in the nuddy more and there’s also the fact that the actor is gay too.

Nina’s definitely going to die, I think that’s a given. But it’ll just lead to more angst and melodrama from George.

Yeah, I think I’ve seen more of his butt than I have my own. :slight_smile:

So Ep 2 has aired but I’ll not spoil in case the US folk haven’t acquired it yet. I will say that the series is well under way now after the scene setting in EP1 - some very good acting, some serious scariness and some excellent jokes.

This next bit won’t spoil anything at all in the episode, but will provide a bit of cultural context for the US viewers which might be useful to know beforehand:

The older guy on the television is Terry Wogan, one of the most famous TV/radio hosts/people in Britain

I loved the first series, I think George is ok, just a bit of a goofball and he handles the transitions into more ‘serious’ bits well.

I’m a tad disappoimted with Annie. In the first episode I was cringing at the overacting, spoiled things a little. She was better this week.

The gentleman referenced in Baron Greenback’s spoiler was a plot device far too reminiscent of Life on Mars for me. I hope they don’t do that too much as up to now I’ve been generally impressed with the whole concept and execution (Arf!)


Oh my god - edge of the seat time! Absolutely loved it and was completely drawn in. I like how the series decides to shake things up from episode to episode - Ivan was painted out to be a new villain in the last episode but now just looks like he’s an uninterested bystander, showing how vampire society doesn’t really function like ours.

I finally figured out who Lucy is played by - Lyndsey Marshall, she played Cleopatra in HBO’s Rome.

Yes, I was quite surprised by that, but it makes a kind of sense.

[spoiler] The doorway to “hell” was quite disturbing, as was the use of Terry Wogan and other Brit TV personalities as conduits for whatever dark forces are trying to get to Annie.

And the creepy god squadder has the house bugged. Looks like either George or, most likely, Nina are going to spend the next episode in the decompression chamber. Hopefully they will survive.

Plus we should get to see the fallout of the coroner backing out of the deal with the vampires.[/spoiler]

What I don’t understand is whether the creepy guy is trying to kill supernatural beings or cure them.

The doorway to hell was HORRIBLE - speaking as someone who doesn’t believe in the afterlife I was well and truly freaked out watching that scene. Not sure about god squad guy, I suspect there’s some kind of agenda here that’s bigger than what we’ve been shown. This professor character has been referenced but we don’t know anything about them and I suspect that’s for a reason.

Me too, not a believer, but definitely freaked out.

Ep. 3 aired.

That doctor girl I never trusted her

Regarding the Professor:

[spoiler]OH MY GOD!!!

I so did NOT see that coming! I knew they were setting us up for something but I never figured it would be THAT! This show has gone from good to crack!

I think the situation Mitchell has found himself in is very sad - the last thing he wanted was to take charge but now he realises he has no choice.[/spoiler]

“Ten thirty. Thursday. That’s Real Hustle time. A FUCKING CHILD knows that.”

Love it.