No Being Human fans on the Dope?

That seems unlikely.

I liked it the first year but I LOVED it the second and I’m dying to know what happens in the third.

I haven’t seen the second season yet - my daughter has a dvd but I haven’t convinced her to cough it up yet. I loved it from the first season.

I watched it, but it never really clicked for me. It was OK, but I don’t know if I’ll bother with the next series. One thing that stood out to me was the really jarring transitions from serious drama to humor and back.

I have the first disk of the second season sitting at home right now- perfect for Halloween, I think.

In that universe (at least according to what we’ve seen in the first season), it pretty much rocks to be a ghost. A vampire, not so much. And it completely sucks to be a werewolf (although you’ve got to love the line, “I *am *the weapon.”).

There was a decent sized thread around the time of the second season broadcast in the UK here.

I really liked the second series, but felt that they only had enough material for 6 not 8 episodes. It’s the BBC, so there’s no real pressure to deliver a certain number of episodes, if you’ve only got material for 6, just make 6. But that’s quibbling - the scene where George was transforming in the primary school was just stunning, one of the best TV sequences of the year.

Agreed (and I said the same in the linked thread).

Loved the pilot; loved the first series even more; didn’t like the second series half as much. That’s not to say it wasn’t good (some episodes were brill, as were some scenes in the meh episodes), but it dragged a little and I really hated the ending.

Heh. I thought they could have used a little more time to flesh things out. As I said in the other thread on the show that kind of died rather quickly, it didn’t really work for me to see Sykes drop in, give Annie some superpowers, and drop out by the end of the episode. It felt rushed. It would have been nice to see him in at least one more episode, showing more false starts and obstacles to be overcome, so that her abilities would seem a little more impressive, a little more earned.

I know, I know … Americans and our appetite for television seasons that never seem to end. :slight_smile:

How doesn’t it rock to be a vampire in this universe? They can go into the sun, they can stop drinking blood (hard but no harder than an alcoholic giving up drinking), I’m not really seeing much downside, unless it’s that old “sucks to be immortal when everyone around you keeps getting old and dying” thing, but hey, just turn them into sun immune teetotalers like you. And they don’t even sparkle.

Being a ghost on the other hand seems like it would suck. No eating, can’t change your “clothes”, people can’t see you (unless for some reason they can), weirdos keep trying to make you go through The Scary Door. I’ll take being a vampire over that any day.

It’s just started (free-to-air) a few weeks ago here in New Zealand.

I’m liking it lots. Just heading over to the older thread to catch up. Nice to know it’s going for at least another two seasons before I get too hooked.

There has been at least one ongoing thread on Being Human here. Sadly I can’t get the search function to work well enough to find it.

I am eagerly awaiting the next series, any idea when it is starting again in the UK?

Finally got the damn thing to work.

Here is the UK season 2 thread.

If you look at the air dates for the 1st 2 series, they aired in January and February. I’m guessing that’ll be when the next series airs. Can’t wait.

Yep, series three is due in January. About halfway through, a web series called Becoming Human will start. Same world/universe, new characters.

I tried to run a pace thread when it was broadcasting here in the states.

Unfortunately, I’m either no good at running a pace thread (entirely likely), or there wasn’t enough interest.

BBCamerica will be running season 1 of Being Human on Halloween.

I’d avoided the show but got hooked by an earlier marathon. Haven’t seen season 2 yet, but BBCamerica loves to to reruns!

“Being Human” fans Present & accounted for! And I count for two because my husband isn’t a doper.

We haven’t missed an episode in the US (the hubby is a Brit) and look forward to the next season. I just LOVES me some George and his sticky-out ears.

Thanks for the notice! It would have completely escaped my attention otherwise. My DVR is ready for action.