Being Human - BBC series

Has anyone seen this series? I think it’s up to season three.

I downloaded the first three episodes via iTunes and I’ve watched the first part of the first episode (life got in the way, I’ll finish it tonight or tomorrow).

So, anyone seen it? What do you think?

I believe there’s an ‘american’ version coming out…

The second series/season is currently airing on BBC America. I liked it (especially given that it airs on Saturday and True Blood on Sunday, so it’s interesting to notice the contrast).

The first season had one or two weak episodes, but I really enjoyed the first two episodes of the second season.

There was a pace thread for the UK airing of the second season this past spring.

I’d call it uneven, but pretty good. They sometimes switch between comedy and drama with jarring suddenness.

I watched the first episode of Season 2 and wasn’t overly impressed; it was a little slow-moving. But I gave the second episode a shot – in part because it happens to come on at a particularly convenient time – and I think I’ll stick with it.

I liked George’s reaction after he had finished watching the arty German film. “Clowns … so many clowns.”

Meatros - would you mind if I hijack this into a pace thread for the US airing?

I really liked the first series but series 2 was pretty awful.

I don’t have a problem with that.

What’s a ‘pace thread’?
I still haven’t caught the rest of the episodes I have. I’m looking forward to it though. The show seems different, yet familiar. :slight_smile:

Do you mean season?

Actually - rather than fill your thread with spoilers for things you have not yet seen, I created a new thread here.

The US has seasons, the UK has series.