Being Human - Anybody watching it?

Just recently and especially due to the absence of any Doctor Who or BSG to watch I’ve been getting into Being Human a series on the BBC digital channels about a vampire, a ghost and a werewolf who share a house in Bristol.

It’s funny, but not in a belly laugh kind of way and the horror elements are quite understated.

There was a pilot episode a few months ago and it has now generated an ongoing series.

It is a pleasant, quaint and very British series, but out of all the people I know I’m the only one who watches is. Is anyone else watching?

I’ve seen the pilot, and I’m planning on watching the rest when I get some time. The vampire was a little too emo for my taste, but it still seemed worth watching.

Yup, watching it and very much enjoying it. I wasn’t too sure about them recasting 2/3 of the main cast but they have grown on me. Quite a strange little show but it has a lot of promise.

New actor playing the vampire in the series.

I thought it was the ghost and werewolf that were replaced… Oh, well, I’ll see for myself soon enough.

Werewolf is the same. Ghost and vamp have changed.

Blimey, it’s been so long since the pilot that I hadn’t even noticed the cast changes.

I have to say that now that I am aware of them that I prefer the replacements to the originals.

Yup, I’m watching. Never saw the pilot so the current actors are all I know, and I like them. The werewolf was the young midshipman in the Doctor Who christmas special that took place on the “Titanic.” I’d hoped the Doctor would take him on as a companion. “Allons-y Alonzo!”

It’s quirky and fun. I got a laugh out of the latest ep when werewolf and vampire dude jumped on the couch and hugged, then quickly realized that’s probably not what humans would be doing, to act nonchalant.

Also, Herrick (the main vampire bad guy) and Lauren (Mitchell’s last meal).

I’m stuck in front of the telly on a Sunday night. The pilot was very good and the series is even better.

Had the first episode ready to watch for a couple of weeks… Had heard the show was supposed to be good, but kept postponing watching it… Finally had nothing else to watch, and thought, “Why not?”… and loved it…

Been watching ever since…

How about the latest ep? Kind of uncomfortable, and I’m not sure I like the resolution.

I missed it I’m afraid. I’ll have to catch the repeat (Friday I think).

Come back when you’ve watched it. They picked a sensitive topic and tackled it head on. They are concerned about being monsters, but didn’t plan on being this particular sort of monster. I guess no matter how hard you try to be human, you can still end up being on the receiving end of a mob of torches and pitchforks.

RE the most recent episode I thought

the boy’s Mum went from being all cool, kids have got to look out for themselves and letting her kid hang round with a neighbour she’s only just met to being a raving tabloid reader far too quickly

I don’t watch the “next time” preview but I’m interested to see where a couple of the plotlines go - spoliered for those who haven’t seen ep 4 yet.

Werewolf’s grilfriend’s scars - will he go after whoever caused them ? Will Annie turn into an evil poltergeist ? Is the moral going to be that we all turn bad in the end ? Can’t escape our true nature ? So far I haven’t really been able to predict where an episode is going to take us - except the thing with Annie and her fiancé.

BTW is it worth going back to watch the pilot ?

I tracked it down and watched it. Nothing neccessary there. It provides some backstory, but nothing you couldn’t surmise yourself. Werewolf & vampire decide to live as human as possible, find a house no one wants to rent because it’s haunted by a ghost, but being supernaturals themselves they can see the young woman ghost and it’s “Three’s Company.”

As a standalone drama, yes, it is worth watching the pilot because it was rather good. It’s not really going to add anything to your enjoyment of the series though.

OK cheers - if I can find it easily I’ll watch but I won’t lose sleep if not.

Anyone watch episode 5? I did NOT expect probably 50% of the show tonight… My God that was good…

I’m becoming depressed that there’s only one episode left… but I guess that’s good, since it’s becoming terrifying…

Yeah, that had some edge of the couch nail biting. Especially the ending.

Anyone else think Owen is going to become a vampire? He’s too perfectly evil to go to waste.

I thought so the minute he walked into the police station.