New "Sherlock Holmes" Film - Predictions?

I was thinking it’d be interesting. Then last night I saw the trailer. Oh crap, Watson.

Doesn’t look good - a friend of mine said it made him think of the “Wild Wild West” movie; basically a generic overblown action/buddy film which happens to have characters named Holmes, Watson and Moriarty but otherwise has little connection to the original source material.

(On the upside, Costco has the complete DVD set of the Jeremy Brett series…for $99 dangit)

Any thoughts?

Well it has Robert Downey Jr and probably no giant mechanical spider (crosses fingers), so I have hopes for it.

Yeah, I caught part of the trailer, too. Doesn’t seem very Sherlock Holmes-y to me. Looks more like Die Hard with Vocabulary Skills.

Heh, thread deja vu …

Truly I am a lousy detective.

Which is why nobody is making “The Valgard Story” starring Robert Downey Jr.