New social disease: Mood Hair

For immediate release from the Institute for Made-up Diseases:

So there we have it. What do you plan to do if you catch mood-hair disease? Do you think you could live with it? Would you shave your head and thus reveal yourself to the world as a spineless individual who just can’t deal with the whole world knowing how you feel about anything and everything?

Me, I’m going to open a wig store.

This isn’t a new thing. Oscar Wilde had a character say this of a widow:
“I hear her hair has turned quite gold from grief.”

Nothing much to add aside from noting that Frank Zappa had the perfect handle on this:

The character of Jool from Farscape had a limited case of Mood Hair, her normal hair color was brownish-orange, when she got mad, it became fire-engine red

Being a Blue Hair already has a completely different meaning.

I already wear my emotions quite plainly. I can’t imagine having to pick an outfit based on my haircolor in the morning and risk it changing throughout the course of the day.

That’d be cool. But what color would my hair be when I was feeling confident, assertive, sanguine, elated, sated, giddy, or horny?

It would certainly make work meetings more interesting - I say I’d keep it, at least at first.

Looks at TheKid, who is currently sporting white with very bright purple peek-a-boo and shadow
Kid, you may NOT die your hair blue again. Got it?

Yeah, I wouldn’t go for it. I’m pretty externally stoic, people don’t need to know my emotions.

Shave my head. That’s what I’d do. My face already gives too much away.

That could get awkward if you live in a retirement community.

What about people who are bald? That would make it look like we are hiding something other than bad genes.

Yeah, that’s it. I shave my head just for poker games.

I once dated someone with mood hair. She was in a pink mood in those days.