New Song: Uptown Funk, Mark Ronson featuring Bruno Mars

Well then, there ya go. Thanks for taking the time to 'splain it. I hear your issues and ultimately YMMV. I think Bruno Mars is great - is he doing anything that James Brown, Prince or a few others didn’t do, do first and do better? Sure - but he’s damn good at what he does (frankly, so is Lenny Kravitz) and anyone who puts on a real show with instruments, singing, dancing and selling it hard is worthy of respect in my book.

But, ultimately, stepping back - I just enjoy the song, so I come at it from that place. You don’t and you know why, so it makes sense why we end up in different spots.

I didn’t hear “1984” all over it - sure, it is retro-sounding, but that is what Mark Ronson did with Amy Winehouse and other acts he produced. I assumed Michele Pfeiffer was referenced as a “hot blonde” because, well, she is held up as a hot blonde - and Scarface still has many fans…

That’s how I feel too. That’s the good thing about pop music. It doesn’t have to be deep or trailblazing to be enjoyable.

I get a vibe of Morris Day Jungle love and Michael Jackson’s Jam in there. That cheesey thing funk turned into in the 80s that’s better left behind.

Do you not like The Time?

Not much these days. I don’t think it aged well.

Not according to Prince’s definition - it made my head bob, therefore it’s funk. :slight_smile:

Prince and Morris Day by way of James Brown and Grandmaster Flash, with dance moves by Michael Jackson - I loved it. I adore Bruno Mars, though - the first time I saw him performing on some show, I thought, “This guy is taking up where Prince left off.”

Hmm - as I watch commercials over the past week, this song has been used on two movies (that Johnny Depp disaster Murgatroyd and the Wedding Ringer movie) and a TV show (Black-ish). A bit much - and, per Snowboarder Bo the sampled vocals used on the bassline, a la Seinfeld, can be a bit much when it gets a lot of play.

Darn - I like this song.