New Star Wars Droid announced

Meet Chopper, the new Star Wars astromech droid who will show up in the next movie. He’s edgy, he’s grumpy. Watching that video makes me think that Chopper’s going to be the Poochie to R2D2 and C3P0’s droid dyad.

Jesus wept.

But of real interest at that link is speculation on the future of Deathlok on Agents of SHIELD.

New cartoon series “Rebels” not in the new movie.

The OP’s Simpson’s quote started a little bit late. Let’s try that again:

Yeah, gotta put that Cerberus comment back in.
Sorry, carry on.

Actually you need to start it with:

Krusty: Whaddya got in mind? Sexy broad? Gangster octopus?

Roger Myers Jr.: No, no. The animal chain of command goes mouse, cat, dog. [to the writers] D-O-G.

But when is he getting to the fireworks factory?!:confused::mad:

That makes me feel a little better.

Aha, so they got that idea from your name!

The depressing thing is that they decided to rehash R2 instead of creating something entirely new and iconic. Everything is a derivative of something that was original and groundbreaking.

And how do we know this droid won’t get er “killed” off in the first episode?

Come on it is Dave Filoni, he inserted so much subversive and interesting shit in The Clone Wars I am not worried.

Oh, how the mind boggles! :eek:

That, I’d love to see! :cool:

It’s amazing what context can do for you. When I thought this was for the next movie, my mood was really low. When I found out it was for a TV cartoon series, I was fine. A combination of Bender, Marvin and B.O.B. is fine for one of the SW TV shows, but not for a movie.

To be fair, the astromech droid is a staple in the Star Wars universe. The very first movie featured several of them. Jedi have light sabers and fighter jocks have astromech droids.

For reasons not entirely clear, it’s preferable to have your avionics (spaceonics?) in a separate unit that you can remove from your craft to toddle around with you on the ground.

Well, you get the damn system configured the way you want, with your preferences and your default settings and menu structures, and then you lose it all when they assign you to another fighter. Unless you can take the system with you!

Like “Roaming Profile”, except it doesn’t suck.

Uh did you watch the prequels? It is obvious the advantage the independent unit offers, in TPM R2 has to go repair damage to hull.

So…not in the new movie then?

Rebels is a show, isn’t it?

Who is “Ortoo”?

I have a bad feeling about this.

It’s Irish for R2.

Ah. I didn’t catch the accent. Feck him.