NEW Stupid Republican Idea of the Day

I guess this was completely predictable. Only nobody predicted it:

I was almost sort of waiting for this. Kind of like that Onion piece where a 9-11 truther was put on opposite an “Al Queda spokesperson”.

But it’s super unfair that my wife lost her job for defending me, because her employer did owe her a livelihood!

That’s just what an antifa undercover mole would say…

Rush Limbaugh, conservative talk radio pioneer, dead at 70

Maybe this deserves its own thread, but I figured he was invoked a lot here, so this thread would be appropriate to see the outpouring of sympathy on Limbaugh’s behalf.

There was an episode of Quincy MD like that - a former concentration camp guard testified about his activities to refute a Holocaust denier (the guard was offended at the idea of his work being erased).

I never watched Quincy except for that one episode that I caught somewhere somehow – If we’re talking about the same ep, isn’t that the one where the Holocaust denier was portrayed as a fat, bald pig-like character with a distinct resemblance to Rush?

This was in 1982, and I think the denier was played by Norman Lloyd - who might look a bit like Rush - but 1982 was before Rush was known widely (and before he started talking about politics, I think).

Rick Perry says Texans should be willing to go without electricity in order to prevent the federal government from regulating it.

So Rick Perry is asking Texans to, quite literally, die for Republican anti-regulatory dogma.

I’d like to see that bumper sticker.

And Lloyd lives on, six years past the centennial of his birth.

If Texas really want independence from federal regulation, they could chose to go off on their own. I, for one, wouldn’t be very upset.

B-b-b-but some of us will need to be re-homed. :worried: We’re housebroken, somewhat literate, can talk good, cook a little. Some of us are funny and quite cute.

A good leader sets the example.

They expect them to die, and do it quietly, dammit. Oh, and they also expect them to send money.

I’ve seen folks suggesting that people “make do” and “solve their problems themselves” by tearing down the Mayor’s house to use for firewood.

He was the Energy Secretary, wasn’t he?
This is insane.

“You can have your regulations when they have cold, very cold, dead hands!”