New subjects for Cable documentaries.

I enjoy actually enjoy watching documentaries but have noticed that some subjects have been done to death.

The World wars,Caesar,sharks,big cats,The Romans,The Great Wall of China and firearms being just some of them made over and over again by different companies.
Now with a bit of luck someone from those companies may read this thread.

So what previously uncovered or sparsely covered topics would you suggest they might make programmes about?

The subjects may not be of interest to everyone but they must have a big enough potential audience for it to be worthwhile for the production companies to spend their money on making a Doc about them.
Some of my ideas are The Franco Prussian war,The Spanish civil war,the Soviets attack on the Japanese at the end of WW2,Orchids,Organic farming techniquesand Ch’an Buddhists in Chinese History.

As it appears that I am the only person on Earth who enjoys T.V. documentaries and that this thread will never experience any human gaze apart from my own I’m going to use this space for my own devices.

The Docs that I REALLY wanted to see made were"Bestiality and the Crowned Heads of Europe" with graphic pictures and explanatory dialogue and " Contempory Recipe ideas for Cannibals" with actual pictured examples.

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“Comparitive strengths and weaknesses of root hairs on varying species of Tree Fern in the Devonian age”

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How about a documentary on the history of spammers?

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I agree, the problem is they don’t sell ad time. I am a big WWII buff and people never seem tired of talking about “what if Hitler…” but they aren’t interested in much else.

And you got to be able to sell things. Unfortunately today it isn’t enough to make money, you have to make the most money. For example if you make a $1,000 profit on a documentary about the Franco-Prussian War or you re-run a WWII documentary for the 100th time and it makes $1001 you have to choose the WWII documentary cause the stockholders don’t care about content, they care about money. Which, to be fair, I would care like that too if I held stock.

Documentaries I would like to see:
Hide tanning techniques through the ages
A history of Norwegian ceramics
The influence of Queen Anne on architecture and home furnishings
A travel guide to Gallic shrugs
A 24 part series on how to make booze (in High Def)
The hats of QEII (in order)

There are plenty of possible documentary subjects I wouldn’t mind seeing. I’d love to see one on Medusa, but that’s just me being selfish.
How about:

The US military actions against the Communistys in Russi in 1918

Steamboats on the Mississippi
Salem Witchcraft Trials, done right for once
Beyond the Monitor and the Virginia – the other Ironclads (including the French and English ones)

A real treatment of Attempts at Flying before the Wright bothers

A Good Treatment of the War of 1812

Wat Tyler’s Rebellion of 1381

How About Modern Tryouts of the Inventions of Leonardo da Vinci

…And Archimedes
Surprisingly Modern Roman Engineering

Surprisingly Modern Chinese Engineering
The Tales of Potosi

Encinatas You just dont get it do you?

The whole point of this thread is to give Doc makers FRESH ideas for programmes to make,not hackneyed themes that have been trotted out again and again.
If I see one more prog.about Norweigan Ceramics I think that I’ll scream,I’m sure that theres a bit of product placement going on there.

As to “Hide tanning through the ages” its uncanny how you just happened to mention one of my long held interests that I have had but have been unable to fully satisfy my curiousity on the subject.(Film makers take note please)
iturntoyouI get your point about advertising revenue(over here in the U.K. judging by the ads on documentary channels they think that only old people watch them) but I think that the production companies might be pleasantly surprised at audience figures on what to them appear to be minority interests.

I remember that the History Channel over here(I think apart from The Discovery Channel the only factual channel available at that time)was shown only for one hour a day between 5pm and 6pm probably to cater for school kids with history homework(but thats just my guess) and the response was so positive in viewing numbers that there was very quickly an explosion of Factual channels but without enough films for them all to use hence the same subjects shown over and over and even the same actual films repeated adnauseam at short intervals.

That being the case if they put their innovative heads on they might gain a revenue lead over their less imaginative rivals.

CalMeachemI too would like some of the topics you’ve put forward especially the riverboats AND the whole river society as well and also the Americans in Russia(I believe the U.K. sent an expeditionary force as well at the time)
I’d just like to say that when nobody reponded and I made that post I obviously wasn’t telling the truth,well except for pimping for my sisters…and the incest thing and the Gerbil…er come to think of it it was all true.

Indeed they did. I nearly wrote about them here last week, but they were a little outside of scope of the OP.

The problem with doing a documentary would be a lack of decent (any?) archive footage and the comparative lack of experts who would be willing and/or able to talk about their subject in a telegenic way.


The history of the kazoo.

The number eleven.

How to set up your Home Theatre in different environments and combinations.

An ongoing series, each episode about a different colour.