New Tax Bracket?

For years, I’ve gotten all my taxes back. Being single and poor had its perks sometimes.

I get my W-2 a week ago. I also got a Telefile form in the mail. My fianee tells me to just call it in, but I want to figure it out on a 1040 just to see what I’ll be getting back.

After figuring it up, and again, I find out that I’m getting less than 1/5th of what I was planning on getting…

it seems as tho the better I do, and the longer i live, my returns get smaller and smaller. My 99 return was about half what I got back in 98 and this year its about half of 99’s! This really sucks. What gives?

It only gets worse. Wait’ll you sell your first business and the IRS holds out their sweaty little palms. You’ll cry like a baby.