Tax Question (How and when will I get my money?) Any New Yorkers wanna comment?

So, I worked about three months in the US before moving to DK. Luckily for me that puts me in the lowest tax bracket, so I pay 0 dollars to the IRS. But, since I lived in New York City, I paid other taxes too. I paid New York State and City income tax Social Security and Federal. i think that was it. At least the big ones. Which ones will I get back? Does that depend on the lowest brackets for each tax? I earned about 4500 dollars and I probably paid about 1200 in taxes all together. How much can I expect to get back, and more importantly, when?

When did you file, presumably as a partial-year resident? If memory serves, the turnaround time on a check was something like 4-6 weeks after filing.

FICA, a seperate line to the Federal govt, you’re not likely to see again.
Social Security - See FICA.

I have no idea on NYC or New York State taxes.

I’d imagine for all 3 of the “income taxes” (NYC, NYS, USA-IRS) you’ll need to file a return, and based on the lack of actual obligation (and a small $4500 gross), you’ll get all of those back. The key is that you have to file a return though. They won’t just “send you a check.”

IANAL/A/TG (lawyer, accountant, tax guy)

bah, I just checked…I’m not filing the NY State taxes because I only owed 1 dollar and it costs about 14 to file online. Unlike Federal Income Tax, the taxes in New York and NYC start at 0, whereas in the US I think its around 5000. So while my federal taxes were witheld when they needn’t be, the New York taxes were witheld when I had to pay them anyway. So that’s no fun.

Um, you still have to file even if you don’t owe, or even if you owe a minimal amount. They will know you earned money there and will be expecting a return.

And yes, you often get dinged by state and local even when your allowances for Federal were high enough to take out excess tax.