New to iPad got questions

My wife picked up one of the iPads yesterday and downloaded some apps for it. Neat little gadget, I specially like the ebook stores. I also managed to stream my windows 7 home theater media to it, which is hella cool.

However, she didn’t know about the 3G version coming out in May 7th and now wants to get that model instead.

I’m going to reset the device to factory defaults and we’re going to return it (I think they’ll charge a re-stocking fee), but is there anything else we need to do? Any de-authorization somewhere? What about the apps we already bought? Will they sync with the new iPad?

Transfer your apps (and other purchased content) to your computer, then sync them to the new iPad.

When connected in iTunes, go up to the File menu at the top and Transfer Purchases. The computer needs to be authorized for the account, so if it doesn’t ask you or you haven’t done it, go up to the Store menu on the same line (File Edit View Controls Store), sign into the account, then back to the same menu to Authorize Computer.

Just for the Love of Og, don’t even think about using the 3G roaming overseas.

Thanks! Do you think overall the 3g is worth it?

I love my 3G – it’s more capable than I expected: Netflix and AirVideo can both stream over 3G; I didn’t expect the bandwidth would be sufficient. And being able to get mail/maps/search from anywhere makes it a useful car partner. The 3G also gets you a GPS, in case you every need to know where you are to within a couple meters (rather than the Wifi’s hundred meters or so, at least for me).

My wife is having the same buyer’s remorse over her Wi-fi only one. There are other options, by the way: several cellular providers offer “MiFi” or “Overdrive” devices, which are basically cell-phones-without-the-phone that turn 3G/4G signals into wireless, so you can use a WiFi iPad on the cell net. All of them are significantly more expensive than AT&T’s plans for the 3G, though, and generally require a 2-year contract. On the plus side, they can support multiple simultaneous devices (usually 4 or 5).

Won’t they let you just trade it in on the newer, more expensive model?

Yeah, definitely check and see if that is cheaper.

Doh! I didn’t think of that. We ordered it form the online apple store already :frowning: