New (to me) Firearm

Okay, I just picked up a new firearm, and seeing as there are a few firearms aficionados on SDMB, I thought I’d share. Also, if you absolutely hate firearms, if you can’t control yourself and must say so in this thread, I just request you make your post in all magenta, for my amusement.

Let me start off with – I don’t know what’s wrong with me, buying a firearm only two years after my boating accident, considering I have another take-your-firearms-on-the-boat trip next month (I wish there was a smiley that mixed :rolleyes: and :D), but I saw this in the store and I had to have it.
Okay, in seriousness… you guys may or may not know that I am the proud owner of an FN FS2000 (the real mans version with the picatinny rail, not the one with the girly euro-rail and built in optics). I was in a local gun store and saw one of these, and picked it up on the cheap (they’re almost impossible to find – it was the first one I’d ever seen, and equal conditioned ones have sold/are on sale for 2x-3x the price on gunbroker).

Bullpup (18 inch barrel, 24 inch overall), 12 gauge, semiautomatic… what’s not to love? Oh, right, the recoil. I currently own a Remington 1100, which has nearly no recoil even with full power loads. This thing, on the other hand, kicks like a fucking mule. Seriously, it’s got worse recoil than a Nagant 91-30. Unfortunately, after the first shot my shoulder was dislocated. Fortunately, I just fired the gun again to reset it.

Honestly, though, I took one shot out of that thing, and decided to put it down (so I didn’t bruise myself too badly) and buy some stuff to put a recoil pad on it. I’m also going to get the trigger done/do the trigger as it’s a bit sandy, and put a new sight on it, as the one I’ve got is missing the front peg for the site. Maybe add a magazine extender (so it’s 6+1, not 4+1) and vertical foregrip.

One shot out of this thing, and I have a (small) blue mark. And I don’t bruise easily.

That FN is sweet. Have you taken it to the range yet? I’ll be interested to hear the accuracy you achieve with it.

There have been a few different High Standards. Which one do you have?

Yeah, the Mosin-Nagant 91/30 has hefty recoil, you gotta love a metal butt pad. Also that same cartridge makes for a very impressive fireball out of the Mosin-Nagant M44 carbine.

I love the battle rifles from the WWII era.

Ive had the fs2000 for almost two years now. It gets great accuracy, more than I’ll ever get out of it… With certain types of NATO 5.56 (m193?) it gets .75 MOA.

I’ve got the high standards model 10 series B, beyond that, I don’t know. I found the takedown instructions and full manual after some googling, so thats my project tomorrow. That, and making a recoil reducing butt pad for the bastard. I will tame the beast, I am determined.

I like it! But. It does have a Darwinian problem for some ‘Lefties’. :smiley:

Definitly needs some added recoil pads.

later, Tom.

That has got to be the ugliest shotgun I’ve ever seen.

Cool. :slight_smile:

Why did they design this firearm to look like Harper Goff’s version of Captain Nemo’s Nautilus?

(from the Disney version of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea)

I’ve fired everything I could get my hands on up to, and including, .600 Nitro and .460 Weatherby. Rather than recoil pad the gun, I have a padded vest, one of the Bob Allen models. Kept the bruises away so far.

I clicked on the link and I thought that’s a 12 gauge? That’s gonna be pretty painful to shoot. Then I read the rest of your post and yep, I was right. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m with kopek. I’d pad the vest/shoulder, not the gun. Works better, IMHO.

Hope you have fun with it! Let us know how it works out once you’ve got it padded.

Okay, so I took it into a local gunsmith to get him to do a breakdown, cleaning and test firing of it.

When I get it back, my first plan is to determine whether or not it’s feasible to mount a shotgun recoil pad (like this one) on it with a little bit of jury-rigging. If not, I’ll get a vest with padding.

Then, I am going to replace the sights, because the front peg is broken off. I’ll either replace it with a ghost ring (replacing the front peg, and rear V) or a red dot. Probably a ghost ring, although it’s not going to be significantly cheaper since it’ll need specially mounted on the front of the barrel.

After that… I’ll take it out to the range again, to punish myself a bit more.

Nothing to add, except: cool!