New to website programming and need to do load testing. Will this work?

Can I run a reasonably useful load test on a website by simply passing large string (as in Java) objects through the port? I’d be embedding the tab characters where appropriate.

But how do you simulate a mouse action?

We have website testing software at my company, but it seems better suited for testing non-interactive webistes, like online dictionaries and encyclopedias, where the data goes only one way. The site I need to test involves heavy data entry and submission by the user.

If you’re in the Microsoft environment, this free tool might help. You can probably modify it to work with any server environment since it just emulates browser requests.

MicroSoft makes a free Denial Of Service tool now? Wow.
Bill Gates is a really smart guy.

Great freeware, DarrenS. Thanks for your reply.

Now, after recording a script I find that it assumes that the website is localhost, if I’m not mistaken. I thought it would default to the website to which I surfed at the beginning of the recording process, but apparently that isn’t what happens. So how do I make the script surf to the right website?

I tried the obvious approach of changing the first line of the generated script, but it didn’t work.