"New top-level internet addresses come with $100,000-plus price tag"

I can’t for the life of me figure out what the hell this article is talking about. Is ICANN radically changing everything about how domains are registered? Is the domain that I bought for $6.99 a year yesterday soon going to cost $100,000 a year? Is this a strictly-UK thing? Is this an “increased demand for domain names will eventually drive the price of existing .com addresses up to $100,000” story?

The BBC article might explain it better:

In other words, right now you can have toadspittle.com, toadspittle.net, toadspittle.info, etc., for whatever the market is saying. The new plan opens up TLDs tp practically anything. So you could own your own TLD, such as straightdope.toadspittle.

The higher intial cost is to reduce, if not stop, cybersquatting.

Very unclear reporting.

They’re talking about the creation of new top-level domains (TLDs) only, such as .com or .org. Or .ru, for that matter. Most people get subdomains inside those top-level domains, such as whatever.com inside the .com domain.

Prices for subdomains wouldn’t change, I expect; new TLDs will if anything increase the ‘space’ available for subdomains, because all the owners of the TLDs will allow entire fleets of subdomains to be registered under them.

Me, I think a TLD of .sdmb would be kind of cute. Every username could be a subdomain, and the SDMB could make a bit of change on the side.

I will remain silent about other possible TLDs. :slight_smile:


No – they are talking about top-level domains, like .com and .net and all those weird country-code ones. If you want one of those, then you’ll need to pony up a hundred large.

No and no.

No. The internet address is not going to $100K. The top level domain is.

If you wanted www.toadspittle.com (and it was available), you could still get that for whatever your registrar charged you.

However, if you wanted a top level domain, so you could sell addresses in the www.whatever.toadspittle top level domain, THAT would cost you $100K.

So instead of your address being www.whatever.com, it would be www.whatever.toadspittle if you shelled out the $100K.


Near duplicate thread, with near similar misunderstanding: http://boards.straightdope.com/sdmb/showthread.php?t=473370

What’s their reasoning for the high price?

Why is the average man priced out of the TLD business?

Presumably to discourage all but my most fervent detractors from registering .vinylturnipsucks.

I guess IBM will buy .ibm, if for no other reason than to avoid someone setting up sluttyschoolgirlsoncrack.ibm. But even if Microsoft buys .microsoft, will that be an attractive TLD? The people who’re willing to pay this kind of money must also see that complicating the URL the user has to type is not a good idea. Apple will get .mac which makes more sense, but I think it would be a mistake to have windowsvista.microsoft as URL.

My guess is that first the free and good two letter TDL will go (.pi, .my, .go) then the list grows bigger with three letter combination (pizzahut.pie perhaps) and of course, more clever stuff will show up to make witty URLs (like .tv, .to, .nu).

This strikes me as a totally unnecessary move for a couple of reasons.

  1. People use search engines to find stuff anyway. And most browsers have them built in. If I type “ebay” in my browser address bar, it’ll take me to www.ebay.com, so who cares what the other characters are?

  2. Almost all major web presences register multiple names across .com, .net, .org, etc. anyway. All this will do is force them to buy another round of names in whichever domains end up being popular.

  3. I predict that the main beneficiary of this will be scammers. In fact, following the really obvious new TLDs like .xxx that have been suggested for some time, I predict that the first registered tlds will be .cmo, .nte, .ogr, .ocm, and such. Never before have typos been worth so much.

.my is the ccTLD for Malaysia.

And .tv is for Tuvalu (but not Hooloovoo) and .to is for Tonga.

ETA: And it turns out .nu is for Niue! I’ve never even heard of the place.

I realize it’s going to be expensive, be damn, will it ever be worth it.

[Dusts off chequebook]