New top level domains

What do y’all think of the new top level domains that will be coming out soon? See this article if you don’t know what these are:

Personally, I think this is interesting, but ultimately will have little impact. For individual companies and websites, .something is going to be economically out of reach for most of them (a dot domain costs ~$200,000). For those that can afford it, I don’t really see the point. .com is in the lexicon, and anyone who wants to see Nike’s website knows it is I don’t see how .nike is more convenient.

There are some interesting top level domains, like .app or .today where they would be domains for specific topics. Like if the dope had an app, they could have where you would be able to download the app, or .today would be what’s new today. But like .xxx, I don’t see too much use for them. People look for .com, and isn’t much more convenient than

I literally laughed out loud when I read that .SUCKS was a new domain. That is hilarious and if I were (was?) an eccentric millionaire, I’d be trying my damnedest to pick it up.

It will make things easier to remember, if this is how it will work.

Taking Nike for example, if you want to see what shoes Nike currently has to offer, you could just go to, end of story. Right now however, you have to go to,pwp,c-1+100701/hf-10002+4294967196+12001/t-Men's_Football_Shoes

Of course this ends up being kind of a bad example due to how Nike’s website is currently setup, there is no one shoes section, but still.

There is absolutely no practical reason for such TLDs. None.

This is a financial grab, pure and simple. And it’s not just ICANN.

Verisign is reported to be getting control of 220 of the new TLDs. Which means that Amazon, eBay, etc. will all have to pony up 220 new registration fees to make sure “their” sub-domain is protected.

The fees involved will add up to an amazingly pile of money.

For no useful purpose whatsoever.

They easily could have a if they wanted to now.

Ultimately, the .com in the address is useless to humans. If they wanted to do this, they should just make .something be equivalent to

IMHO, it’s an extortion play by ICANN. Shit, wish I could get on the action.

“Hey, Coca-Cola! We’re expanding web domains so that almost any name could be substituted for the ‘.com’ domain! And it’s only $200,000 per domain!”

“Uh… does that mean that anybody can register .coke?”

“Yes! But you can grab it for a measly $200k.”

"But what about these domains… are they also $200k per?


" Yes. :smiley: "

Again, it’s an attempt to extort serious cash from companies. Fuckin’ internet needs a new slogan: “The Internet: Destroying Value and Wealth since 1994!”