NEW Transformers Dark of the Moon trailer.

Is Dark of the Moon even proper English?

That would be like;

Pirates of the Caribbean at World End??

Okay so here it is,

Perhaps Michael Bay is taking after his hero Jean-Luc Godard.

“I’m always doing what is not done,” he says. “What I never do is what everyone else is doing. I always begin with ideas and that doesn’t help with the audience. But I always prefer a good audience. I’d rather feed 100 percent of 10 people. Hollywood would rather feed 1 percent of 1 million people.”

Guess who said this Godard or Bay??

The one thing that really drives me crazy in the first teaser trailer when they go to the DARK OF THE MOON, there is light everywhere, it’s not even dimly lit.
After seeing that I have given up all expectations that this movie will be good.

Sorry one more thing that drives me crazy, is that every single one of the transformers movies uses common knowledge conspiracy theories as the backbone of the story.

A few minutes on transformers wiki will reveal a sea of excellent characters, worlds, and plots that would be great for a blockbuster movie.

So what do they do?

They change the Matrix of leadership into a key for some reason, and oh yeah because the plot needs tension there is a weapon buried under a pyramid.

It’s like the last time the screenwriters saw or read about the TF universe they were kids. When they got writers block they went on YouTube and typed conspiracy. Then they molded whatever conspiracy theory videos they saw, to fit what they had written so far.

This worked so well that it took 5 people to piece together the story for the first movie. All of whom got a written by credit.

It took only 3 people to piece the story for Fallen,

It took only 1 guy to write Dark of the Moon. Guess they got more efficient with the process of turning these movies out.

At the end of the day though, as director Bay approves all these scripts. Perhaps he is just trying to appeal to 1% of 100% of the people. Evidenced by the family aspect in Fallen, alongside the mom eating weed brownies, down to the hood-rat twins, and Sam and Maekeal’s "love story.”
Bay’s playing Wack-a-Mole with the themes in these movies.
Bay wants to make a movie the whole audience can enjoy and in the process alienates everyone.

Ah hell, who cares about the story? It’s going to suck no matter what. I didn’t see Transformers 2, but I have to see this one because it blows up big chunks of Chicago real good. I saw them filming several scenes downtown and I’m looking forward to seeing how those scenes look on the big screen. I think there were a couple of snatches in that brief teaser.

To make myself feel better, I’ll probably pay for some cool indie film then duck into T-DotM. Unethical? Oh hell yes, but cheerfully so.

This isn’t really new and it’s not a trailer.

Other than that, pretty explosions. Stupid looking girl.

And another new one:

Something hit me halfway through:

No shakycam! You can actually see what’s happening!

That alone should be reason for optimism.

Neither link plays a video for me, nor do I see a button or link to start one…

Shockwave looks like Shockwave, at least.

Regardless of the quality of the films overall, having Peter Cullen back as Optimus was a great move, as is having Leonard Nimoy as his mentor.

And Revenge of the Fallen’s Wheelie is much better than Original Wheelie.

Nimoy as anyone but Galvatron is ruining it forever!:wink: