Transformers movie trailer online

Lotta traffic right now so it’s slow goin’, but if you have patience, the teaser for the movie is out there.

So there are robots on Mars, eh? Is that part of the cartoon canon? I never watched the show as a kid.

That was kind of a waste… Everything we need to see in a teaser trailer, they could have fit into about 3 seconds. All they need to show is one Transformer in the process of transforming. Instead, we get stock NASA footage, some more stuff faked up to look like stock NASA footage, and a blurry, shadowed view of a vague robotic form. Do they just not have anything yet?

I friggin hate trailers like these. Can’t wait though, I’ll be one of the first to see it. My brother is the General Manager of a chain of movie theathers out here, so I’ll get to see it when it comes in. Generally 3 days or so before it gets released to public.

I was never a fan of Transformers, I was just outside their demographic when they were teh big cool thing. But that teaser… is good as far as it goes, but doesn’t make me want to go see it.

I’m guessing that they stopped off on Mars on the way here.

Either way, that teaser trailier shows nothing. Chronos is right. Show one robot transforming. It’d take five seconds and I’d be pumped. As it is right now, I’m kinda…meh.

I have nitpick already, i’m afraid.

Beagle 2 was a British probe, and came under the auspices of the European Space Agency, not NASA. The voice performing the countdown, and all the stock footage, should have been Russian.

Yet another one: Beagle 2 had no wheels! It was supposed to be like the Viking and stay put…

…Unless it fransformed.

Even if they don’t they could have just stolen the Citroen C4 advert with the transofrming car :slight_smile:

Its entirely possible that they really don’t have that much usable footage from the movie. Its still filming, and since there have been no signfigant leaks of pictures (one decepticon police car and Bumblebee in robotform being unloaded from a truck bed is about it)

If I had seen this in a theater I’d be jazzed but waiting 5 minutes for the damn thing to load made it just a big ol diappointment

Oh, damn. Michael Bay?

Well, that movie is screwed.

Are the robots not going to be pure CGI, then?


Maybe not. Spielberg’s an executive producer on it.

With Michael Bay at the helm, I can’t see how it won’t. I wish it’ll come out as well as I want it to, but looking at the other films he’s directed (Armageddon, Bad Boys, Pearl Harbor, etc…) I know he doesn’t have the talent. He can make things blow up, sure, but that’s all he does with any competence.

As for Spielberg, I have more faith in him, but that’s not saying much. Cheap shot and all, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he gave every Transformer a walkie-talkie with which to shoot. At best, though, he’s hit-and-miss. Some of his films, like War of the Worlds and Minority Report, he completely missed; others such as Schindler’s List, he hit the mark; and still some are a mix, like Saving Private Ryan (the beach invasion a hit; nearly everything else in the film, a miss). At any rate, I hope he can keep Bay on a short leash.

Did you know Armegeddon is in the Criterion Collection?

The Collection guys swear he’s a genius director, and that the naysayers are simply blinded by his giant budgets.

But that’s just the Criterion Collection people’s opinion. YMM certainly V.

(I’ve never seen a single Bay film so I have no opinion of my own.)


Not bad for a very early teaser, but teasers are no indication of the quality of the final movie. I still have a sour taste in my mouth from the atrocity known as Sony’s Godzilla.

Four words: War of the Worlds.

I’ll be pleasantly surprised if this movie doesn’t end up a mindless explosion-fest where the Transformers get more than a dozen lines of dialog and halfway decent characterization. I’ll go see it anyway, being an old-school TF fanboy. :wink:

Nope, a mix. Which is refreshing.

Have you guys seen this? It’s eveidently a fan-created version of Optimus Prime transforming. If the movie is anything like this, it could be cool.

I liked some of Michael Bay’s early stuff like The Rock and Armageddon. They’re big, loud, silly movies that look pretty, like the music videos Bay started his career with. Pearl Harbor was so bad he probably should have done some prison time for it. I’m not sure what longtime Transformers fans want out of a movie, and Bay will be hard pressed to come up with bigger drama than the '80s animated movie had.

Bwahaha! I had to see it to believe it. Did you check out the reviews on the site (both the snippets and the full reviews)? They weren’t crowing about the movie:

Basically, they were excited about how cool the DVD release is. They loved the special effects and extras, but the movie itself was a typical summer blockbuster. Turns out that the only one praising the guy was his old college professor.

Ah, well. I do hope it turns out well. As rjung said–and for the same reasons–I’ll end up seeing it, anyway.