New Urban Phenomenon: Teenage Jaywalkers?

Anybody notice this? These kids walk into the street, without looking, and just SLOOOWLLY stride across…and shoot you dirty looks while doing so!
Where I live, there are plent of crosswalks…with lights. All you have to dois push the button and wait for the light to turn red. But, no! These kids HAVE to show you that THEY don’t need stoplights!
Wht really killsme…there is NObody behind you…and they step out in front of you!
What’s this all about? :smack:

This is new? I’ve never seen it any other way. In fact, I’d think it was a phenomenon to see kids that do cross at the crosswalk.

Nature, in her infinite wisdom, provides a checks-and-balance system to this, in the form of other teenagers, these ones propelled inside small, speeding Japanese street racers.

In Boston, it’s not just the teenagers, although they are usually the worst. Women with strollers. Little old ladies. Small children.

The world is invincible…

I think it stems from lack of respect that kids have today. Not only of their elders but of everything - including life. It’s rampant these days I tell ya. Rampant!

Something about “pedestrians always have the right of way”. Well god damnit, no they don’t!

Funny, ever since I got that dent in my hood, the J-walkers get out of my way real fast when I approach them in my POS car.


I jaywalked the other night.

It was 2 in the morning, and this being a relatively small town there were no cars in sight. I pressed the button and waited for the “Walk” signal to appear. I waited some more. A couple minutes passed. I got fed up, looked both ways, and started jogging across the street.

When I’m halfway across, the thing turns to “Walk”.

Now, I’m a 23-year-old in good health, jogging across the street. I’m already halfway across when the “Walk” sign turns on. So what happens now? Well, beore I can reach the other side of the road, it turns back to “Don’t Walk”.

I don’t know how the hell old people, people with canes/walkers/limps/etc are expected to make it in time.


Been that way in inner city neighborhoods for YEARS. It’s as if kids are daring you to hit them.

Jaywalking? HA!
In my brothers suburban neighborhood, kids walk down the middle of the street. Then sloooowwwwlllllyyy get out of the way when a car comes.

Where I live, everything that moves seems to jaywalk.

Fortunately (for them and for me), I have resisted the obvious temptation…

I remember reading an article about this phenomenon a few years ago. According to the article, some youths and the not so affluent living in inner-cities, do this purposely because of a lack of power they have in their own lives. Apparently, they get a sense of power by being able to make someone with more power and money than slow down their vehicle or come to a stop.