New US intelligence overseer, where will it be?

It won’t be under the Executive*, per NPR.
What will it be under, then? The only other branches of government are the Legislative and the Judicial.
Will it be a fourth branch of government? (Joke)
If it was in the Cabinet, would the President have to have the “advise and consent of the Senate” to nominate the person?

The reason for it not to be under the White House is that it preserves the independence and credibility of the office, and removes it from politics, right?
*I swear that was the wording on the radio this PM. Another time they said it won’t be under the White House.

   Signed, Puzzled

I really am puzzled, this is intended as a factual question, and why didn’t NPR know where it will be as opposed to where it won’t be?

You slightly misunderstood what they meant. Bush’s proposal is to have the position outside of the Executive Office of the President (aka “The White House”) and instead be an independent office of the executive branch, separate from the White House and the cabinet departments, like the CIA, EPA, GSA, etc.

Friedo is right. Of course, it is up to Congress to create the position by passing a bill, which must then be signed by the President, and that legislation will determine where the new office is placed. Kerry has proposed that the office be in the Executive Office of the President, and also that the new director have authority over budgets (which Bush has not proposed). Both candidates and the 9-11 commission all agree that the position should be subject to Senate confirmation.

Suffice it to say that there will be political wrangling over many aspects of this idea in the coming weeks.

The US already has an intelligence overseer - the Director of Central Intelligence over at the CIA. What makes anyone think that this new post won’t get bogged down in the same politics and inter-agency turf protection that prevented the DCI from doing this part of his job?

Currently the DCI serves as head of the Intelligence Community in addition to running the CIA. As head of the Intelligence Community he coordinates intelligence activities among the member agencies but doesn’t have any budgetary or command authority over them (except the CIA.) The idea is to eliminate the position of DCI and replace it with a dedicated CIA chief, and create the position of Director of Intelligence which will have considerably more power over all the agencies.

The 9/11 commission proposed that the Director have control over intelligence budgets, staffing and operations. The White House has been making noises that they don’t want him to be quite that powerful. Certainly the Pentagon doesn’t want to risk losing the billions of dollars dedicated to the NSA and NRO to other agencies like the CIA. There will certainly be much bargaining and compromising to get the law passed by Congress and signed by the President.