New user sees ignorance here on the Dope (about Trump)

I see the ignorance runs rampant here. It’s the left that used and weaponized the DOJ against Trump as they have nothing positive to campaign on. They are just like the 1930-1940’s nazi Germany using the gestapo to get rid of the competition.
FYI - EVERYTHING was better under Trump. Name just ONE thing better now (and it has to be REAL, not what cnn, msnbc tells you what to believe) than it was 4 years ago. Absolutely nothing.


Also, if you want to have an actual debate, you need to back up your claim, not make a claim and request someone else prove you wrong. That’s not how it works.

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No meaningful attempt was ever made to hide it. It pays to advertise.

I guess you were napping during that whole “LOCK HER UP” bit, huh?

If you have any knowledge of history whatsoever, Trump comes a WHOLE LOT closer to 1930’s and 40’s Germany than any US President has in our nation’s history.

What DOES election interference look like?

  • Blackmailing Ukraine with $300,000,000.00 of US taxpayer money unless they fabricate dirt on Joe Biden;
  • The Alternate Slate of Electors scam, backed up by the human flash-bang grenade (January 6th) you summoned;
  • Phone calls to Republican Senators, while the Capitol was under siege, and phone calls to Governors and Secretaries of State asking them NOT to certify the legitimate electoral results;
  • Perpetuating The Big Lie – that the Democrats stole the 2020 election – despite NO supportive evidence and ENDLESS contradictory evidence.

What does election interference NOT look like?

  • You being held to account for your numerous crimes.

I hope that helps. Welcome, incidentally. Nice to have you here :wink:

A ‘no true Scotsman’ style debate huh? Yeah, no thanks.

I have it on pretty good authority you mean gazpacho here.

Let’s see: four years ago the country was on lockdown and something like 1,000 people a day were dying from Covid in the U.S.

I would say the excess mortality situation is better today.


“let’s welcome them to our community!”

Let’s not.

Oh goody, a new idiot spouting OANN talking points with no cites and no basis in reality. Go crawl back under your rock, fuckstick.

(And … word to the wise … don’t bother voting this fall. It’s all rigged, and your vote doesn’t matter.)

You’re coming in hot, which I know is something that MAGA tells you is appropriate, but I also know your momma taught you better than that. You got home training, and I expect you’re a bit embarrassed about not showing it.

So, wanna try again? If you’re interested in an actual conversation about why I disagree with you–complete with cites to multiple good sources for my facts, and a willingness to listen to you–show your interest by treating me, a fellow American, with the civility that I expect from someone interested in a conversation.

If all you’re interested in is a slapfight, though, no thanks.

I smell a trock.

Is this your car?

Reminds me of jim1.

Doubtful, I believe they are a drive by “Patriot”.


When someone without common sense puts the words “common sense” in their user name, I am reminded of country music songs that have “this is country music” in the lyrics.

Yep, I daresay, having dropped that turd in our punchbowl, they’ll be on their rollicking way.

Let me guess-Some fuckstick friend of yours was bragging about how easy it was “pwn the libtards” because they just whine and cry…and you actually believed him!. :rofl:

I know thats not the maganut I used to know because he didn’t rant in all caps about nuremberg trials for the dems.

Think he’s upset about the 34 felonies Trump has? Just a bit?

I think he is not coming back, and I also think he will lie to his buddies about how we reacted.