New Username? (Yes, again)

From this thread:

My decision to switch names to ReallyNotAllThatBright is now in jeopardy. I really want to be TheHappyFuzzyGayRightsBunny instead. Should I switch my username change request?

Please don’t. Your second choice is longer than the first. How about HFGR Bunny instead?

Cancel the username request. dutchboy208 is much better than ReallyNotAllThatBright. The former has character (especially now that we know it’s based on drinking paint), while the latter could have been thought up by any random Internet dullard who posts here six times and gets banned.

Note: if you do go ahead with the name change, please immediately forget what I said. If your new username is accurate, this shouldn’t be a problem. :stuck_out_tongue:

But dutchboy208 is just so… boring. It does have character, though.

Maybe I will cancel.

Another vote for “cancel”. Why change? We like you as you are.

Beloirve me - you will get bored with your new one, (if you don’t get sick of it first)

stick with dutchboy208.
Please tell me the paint drinking story.


I feel so warm and fuzzy inside.

Okay, so freshman year of college, I was painting a parade float for the University’s Homecoming parade.

I was pretty toasty by then, after a pair of six-packs, and painting probably wasn’t the activity I was best suited for at that time.

A friend approached, and asked if I was “drinking and painting”; he was being an ass- it was fairly clear that that was exactly what I was doing. In my drunken haze, I misheard him, and thought he said “drinking the paint”. I picked up the gallon can of yellow Dutchboy Brand house paint, and pretended to drink from it. Of course, my co-ordination wasn’t all it should have been, and I wound up pouring some into my mouth, then swallowing a good amount of what I’d spilled.

I ran inside to rinse, and after about ten minutes of “pour water in mouth, gargle, spit, repeat” I came outside to find forty-odd people chanting Dutchboy, Dutchboy .


I still think you should change it to Toast Museum

Please don’t choose OneOfThoseLongNamesWithAllOfTheWordsRunTogether as they mess up the thread views (that Admins will most likely refuse your request if you chose such a name, anyway).

I suppose OneOfThoseLongNamesWithAllOfTheWordsRunTogether is out of the question, then?
I don’t know why you’re so adamant about this toast museum thing. I don’t even like toast.

'Cept with lots of margarine and honey. Mmmmm, honey toast…

It’s what I do. the water wears away the stone not by force, but by falling often… (or something like that)

Are you sure? - search deep within yourself…

See? my plan is starting to work already. Mwuhahahaha!

I’d just like to say that Toast Museum is a fantastic, brilliant, awesome and altogether stupendous name.

Though it doesn’t really fit with the whole paint-drinking thing you have going.

I’ve trimmed down my sig, as it looks like we may have a long wait for turning it off by default.

It should be noted that I did that once , and it isn’t exactly the kind of anecdote with which my whole life may be summed up.

I went looking for toast after that “mmm… honeyed toast” post the other night and couldn’t find any bread, so I had a pot pie. Work with that, people.

    • points and laughs * *

Paint Drinker!!!

Seriously, Ice Wolf was right. We do like you as you are. Your user name has meaning (what’s the 208 for?), and around here, user names aren’t like furniture that you rearrange every six months. Pick one and stick with it :wink:

If you ask me, just drop the “208” part.

Hey…since Europe went to Euros, my SDMB name has gone into the toilet…who the hell knows what a DMark is? (Archaic German currency)

I live in Las Vegas and briefly toyed with the idea of changing my login to SiegfriedAndroid…but look what happend to poor Roy! I would have to relate to that forever.

Change is not always good.

I like “Dutch Boy”. You get to stick your fingers in…well, whatever.

The 208 is a fraternity thing- it’s a Bond number, which basically conveys that one is the nth (208th, in my case) member of a fraternity chapter. A Phi Delt chapter, at least, although some fraternities have a similar tradition.