New (?) variation on a doggy bag

Went out to lunch yesterday and cleaned my plate. The server was obviously used to offering a “doggy bag” to take home leftovers. With nothing on my plate, she said, “Um, do you want a cup for your water?” Note that this was just tap water, I hadn’t bought it.

Nobody’s ever made this offer to me before. Anybody else?

I’ve occasionally received offers to transfer a non-alcoholic drink to a disposable cup to take with me, but never the complimentary water.

Are you in California? Maybe this is a new development due to the drought?

I had dinner at Foxwoods a few weeks ago (Bill Burr concert). I paid for dinner and noticed the seltzer my SO had gotten was $3.00 a cup and my lemonade was SIX DOLLARS A CUP. In comparison, my SO’s entrée was $12. Damn right I had a free refill.

I would have gladly taken a doggie cup for my lemonade!

I think she started to offer you a doggy bag, realized you didn’t have leftovers to take with you, and stumbled into offering you something ridiculous…

When the waiter checked on us, he saw that I’d eaten everything on my plate and then cleaned any remaining sauce up with bread. He commented, “well, we won’t even have to run your plate through the dishwasher, will we!?”

It was a very good meal.

When dining out with friends, I’ll sometimes take a true doggy bag, putting leftovers from everyone’s plates into a single box for our dogs.