New Version of EndItAll?

I recall reading somewhere a couple of days ago that there was a new, improved version of EndItAll available. For those of you that don’t know, EndItAll is a dandy little Windows program that lets you shut down all non-critical running processes in one go – very handy to use prior to running a memory-intensive game or installing finicky software. I have version 1 of the software and it is really useful.

Anyway, I recall reading that there is now a version 2. However, I can’t find it. I’ve Googled and checked the usual places (ZDNet,, FilePlanet, etc, etc, etc).

Does this thing exist? Or am I losing my mind?

I have verson 2.0 :slight_smile:,2997,s%3D400%26a%3D10165,00.asp

I had Enditall2, but removed it. My recommendation is stick with the original. I used it to close all my background applications prior to scanning and defragging. It warned me not to do anything unless I knew what I was doing, but also said you can close any program without problems, as long as you don’t “kill” it. Well, I closed all the unprotected programs and lost all my drivers. All I got after that was a screen with no resolution and no internet or email. I had to reinstall all my drivers. On the other hand, I had no problems with Enditall.

Now, I don’t have either and will use just Safe Mode.

Ditto, stick with the original.

I’ve used the original version of EndItAll for some time now, and after seeing this thread, I downloaded and installed ver 2.0. I like it, and it works fine for me.

What are the problems with 2.0?



I installed v2.0 and just found it more confusing and difficult ot use. Version 1 just gave you a list of programs running, told you not to mess with explorer or systray (another thread entirely), and closed the programs you wanted.

V2.0 split the tasks into close and kill, and gave you a crapload of options for various close and kill scenarios. I’m sure that to some true tech-head, this is all very valuable, but I just want something to close all programs so that I can install tempermental software. I tried doing this with 2.0 and just got a world of errors, problems, etc.

“Better is the enemy of good enough”

See my prior post for what’s wrong with it. Enditall closed all unprotected applications automatically, with one click. It protected necessary applications, and some it could not close, it would give your a ?. You have to manually close applications with Enditall2, and I closed all the unecessary (I thought) applications and lost my drivers.