Wanted: Utility to close all programs before burning a CD

I burn a lot of CDs, and I’ve found that I get the best results when I close all unnecessary programs before I do so. However, this generally requires a few minutes of “End Task”-ing, not to mention that it takes forever to turn them back on without re-booting. (When I can remember to do so–a few viruses got through to me because I forgot to restart Norton AV.)

What I’d like is a little utility that takes a look at what I have open, closes it all but the necessities, and then opens them all back up. Does such a thing exist? It seems like it would, but damn if I can find it.

Thanks in advance,
Dr. J

There is a freeware program called “End it All”.
I forget where I downloaded it from, try searching Yahoo or Google for it.
You might try looking at Flightsim.com in the downloads section also.