Closing CD-Rs

How do you close a CD-R in using Windows XP (or one of its included programs)?

Close? What do you mean?

So nothing else can be burned to them.

      • If it’s not a packet-writing format, the burning software should have an option to close it. I have not the WinXP, so I dunno what’s exactly you’re talking about…? Does WinXP burn CD’s directly? Or are you using some other software?

It uses Window’s Media Player 8 to burn them.

Use the software that came with the drive to write them & the program should have an option for this.,

Nero is god. Download it. You’ll love it.

my XP pc came with nero
its good
havent sort of got used to some of the gubbins
but certainly after you burn a non rw cd it doesnt let you overwrite
is that what is being asked here.
i am going to get rw for backup for all my financial files and teaching notes which are forever being update
any suggestions as to what i should be looking out for as regards technique
using ahead nero of course.

in nero, if you dont close your cd, you’re leaving it open for multisession. multisession recording very useful if you will gradually be adding files (not rewriting/replacing files) to the same cdr.

when burning audio cds, as far as i know, you must close it in order for a non-computer cd player to recognize it.

other types of cds that need closing are those that are required to be bootable.

so in regards to the original question, i believe the built in XP burning program doesnt support multisession recording, so all cds burnt by XP are in fact closed.

Xp uses Roxio (aka ezcd creator). Thus, those who install their Roxio on Xp can find a few things happening as it overwrites the XP files. tsk. Be sure to use only the latest Roxio with XP.

Uh, no. You can install any XP-compatible authoring software. This includes Nero, which, IMHO, is the best authoring software available.

Uh, how about a cite? You seem mighty sure of yourself, and with absolutely no explanation whatsoever.

Sorry. Ahead lists here ( that their software is XP compatible. If EZ CD Creator was the only software compatible, it would be false advertising. Plus, a default install of XP doesn’t include EZ CD Creator, assuming you didn’t get it in a bundle with other software.

Nero lets you leave a CD open (as bensonGemini says) if there’s enough space left to add more than x megabytes (I think it’s about 10) representing the amount of space the closusre itself would occupy. IF the disk is nearly full, it closes it automatically. Audio disks have a completely different structure, so you can’t ever leave it “open”.

I love Nero, and Windows sucks!