Making a copy of a CD with a DVD burner.

I need to make a copy of one of my CD’s, but gave my previous software I used to the person that bought the system. I now have a DVD burner and am using DVD X Copy Gold from 321 Studios. Anyone know if that sould work? If not, are there any burning software sites that are freeware or shareware?

Nero Burning Rom works well for me with my CD burner, and I’m pretty sure it supports DVD burners.

I have the original DVD X COPY, but it does not copy CDs.

Thanks Revtim, Nero was my old one, I’ll play with the demo.

Does anyone know if there’s a free program for when this one expires?

If you’re using XP it has CD burning capability built into the OS.

Thanks astro, I’ll look for it. Though I should have just assumed the platfrom had it. Sometimes the answer is so obvious.

Indeed, Windows XP can burn data discs. Additionally, Windows Media Player can burn audio discs. Interestingly enough, Realplayer, the free version, can also burn audio CDs.

NOTE: I may be overexplaining, but I’m awake and bored, and it might help, so:

If your CD is an audio CD, you’ll need to rip it first, and I’m not sure if WMP or Realplayer will do that (I use Winamp and LAME). If your CD is a data CD, XP is probably the way to go.